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July 01, 2008


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Thanks Mike. Always nice to put a face with a name.

Rodger, that's a dandy buck. Sounds like you have yourself a bit of a honey hole.

Luke, very nice buck. Especially so with the old school bow. With you wearing the wool duds, that picture could've been from 50 years ago. Very cool.

Nice bucks fellas!!

Pretty cool what you're doing Mike. Could you post another of your fine bucks too?

2 great pics (either one in black and white would be hard to date) just goes to show that some great things never change with time....passion for hunting whitetail deer

what a great blog........endless amount of info and knowledge......can't even imagine the combined years of hunting experience with all the regulars on here

thx Mike

The best part about both of these photos? The big smiles on both your faces!

Congrats on two fine whitetails.


I love the traditional stuff!! All I have shot have been recurves for 40 years. Now have a 57 recurve by Archery Traditions. Shoot old fiberglass micro flite arrows w. - get this vintage Bear Razor heads and Inserts- BUT I need a source for the inserts as I only have 2 servicable hunting arrows due to two inserts. I need a source badly and have not hit the right internet spot to find them. Can Luke help or anyone else get me pointed in the right direction?
Many thanks for any help!!

Hey Mack, try eBay. I did a quick search and found a few.

Nice deer boys! Like Doug said, always nice to put a face with the name. Can't wait to see this years buck pix!

Very Very Cool :) I always enjoy pulling the blog up daily!

Mike will have to keep the posts down to keep us in the stand or he could let us email him on what we saw and he could post that late in the evening. It would be like coming back to deer camp and hearing everyones stores :)

Again - Very Cool Mike and Congrats Rodger and Luke!


Thanks everyone! Congrats on a darn good 'un, Rodger. That 25 has my curiousity as I have read about it before. Everyone I have ever talked to has that has shot it swears by it.
Mack, keep it going, bro! I pick up ALL my razorheads ands inserts on ebay as Doug suggested (and thanks for the "50 years ago" comment, that is exactly what I have been trying to accomplish! Winds of change always blow though, eh?). Be prepared to pay as much or more per blade that a new, modern blade. Inserts, I understand, can be swapped from newer Bear Razorheads as well, so don't pay more than a pack of new ones. I shoot the old greenheads, but the grey heads, newer with chisel tip, work just fine too and cost less, usually. I have shot all Zwickeys, snuffers, and some others. I just switched to a STOS 145 gr head this spring, we'll see how it works out. Also, you can post that you are looking for anything at www.tradgang.com or wwww.stickbow.com . Good luck.
Delvin, still getting back to you...

Thanks, Luke and Doug! I am "Old Fashioned. Shoot .50 TC Hawken from a kit (Deadly) and old 30-06 from the old days my great uncle hunted with in No. Pennsylvania. Hunted E. Montana years ago out of Miles city in the Powder River area between Powderville and Broadus. Great country and hunted week before Thanksgiving when rut was in full bloom. Saw too many deer to count daily on the 5 day hunt. Back then only a few white tails had spread in the area and muley's were predominate. Great bird hunting too, but was the coldest that was recorded in a hundred years for then. Ranchers were already feeding winter hay and were selling off cattle to save hay. Won't tell you how cold it was for this GA boy, but the warmest it got was -30F. Luke knows this kind of cold- right to the bone. Used defrost spray- inside the outfit. That's cold, right Luke?

You got it, Mack, that is cold! We usually get around 2 weeks or more of that 30 below stuff every winter. I had a friend go stand hunting with his bow in 20 below temps...saw the biggest deer of his life, but wouldnt have been able to draw his bow if he came within range. 3 hours on stand that afternoon. The area you hunted is some great stuff, unfortunately becoming more popular all the time. Shoot straight!

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