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July 07, 2008


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I like ladder stands, mainly because i hunt on a lot of hickory trees...ever hunted off a telephone pole? its a little disconcerting hanging yourself out there like that, at least for me.

Find a tree that you can put a stand in with growth around it, or a smaller tree growing next to it...that ladder blends right in to the woods...dark vertical lines...no worries...

"Guys with graying hair or no hair, bad knees, achy backs and/or a spare tire..."

Hanback, you calling me fat and bald???

"BTW, years ago I would have not been caught dead hauling a ladder into the woods for bowhunting, much less one with a platform you could dance a jig on..."

That my friends, is the quote of the day. Mike, you had me in stitches on that one.

Hey, seriously, this blog entry is just plain hilarious. I'm not trying to be a wise guy, but man I was laughing my butt off. Good stuff Hanback!!!

I still use hang on stands with a good ladder like rapid rails. The big bucks around us anyway would pick out a big ladder way to easy. I think a big stand could work if you left it up for years and they became very use to seeing it. It seems to me that deer are getting very good at looking up for danger and will learn to do that more and more.

Cmon, it has nothing to do with aching knees, balding, fat, whatever, its about comfort! All I know is that if you are serious about hunting, and you are putting in as much time in a stand as possible, oh thats right, maybe all day, why in the hell wouldnt you want to be comfortable! I use ladders all the time and the bigger stands, not the double or 2 man stands are great for you, for comfort and moveability. I dress them up with artificial vines and what not and they become quite invisible. If you have sat in the regular size ones you'll know the difference after a couple hrs or so. I use climbers too but ladders definately work for me. Set em and forget em. Ps, im not talking about carrying these into the woods for a day or 2 im talking if you tend to place one in an area you wish to hunt during the season.

Lone wolf climber!!! Need I say more??? Love the site!

I use a combination of tripods, ladders and hang on stands and ground blinds (depending on location).

I will admit that I am finding ladders and tripods more appealing as the years pass! Being 25 or 30 feet in the air is quickly losing it's appeal to me.


Im 6'5" with 13 shoes, so the bigger the platform the more comfortable for me. I mostly use hang-on stands with big platforms. I have a couple of smaller ones to, i just have to move a little more carefull, big feet want to hang over the edges a little. This stand looks nice but mabey a little to big for me to use. Not something your going to lug way back in the brush but great for a closer stand that you can let sit in its place for a while. I mostly use Lone Wolf Alfa hang-on & API climber.

I use ladders in the back woods for morning hunts where I don't want to lug my climber. Easier to sneak in quietly climb the ladder and ready to go. Still use single man basic ladders. We set the ladders out in August and they are ready to go a couple of months later. Still don't mind climbing in my summit and its hands down more comfy.

I still like the climbing sticks and chain ons myself. The platform size is more comfortable and safe the bigger ya go so I agree with you guys on that one. One thing I dont like about some of the ladders is the railings on alot of them. Never done it myself (yet) but I have heard of bottom limbs hitting the railings with bows. Just something to remember when you got a thousand other things going through your mind at the moment of truth. On the humorous side I do feel better knowing that my dad will be hunting from ladder stands this year. LOL :-)


I use hang-ons and climbing sticks for the most part. I do have a couple of ladder stands though. I've been looking at two-man ladder stands lately to be able to take my three year old up for a short time this year or next.

Bob, the Lone Wolf stands look awesome but I could buy a few stands for the price of one Lone Wolf. I realize how nice they really are but I haven't been able to pull the trigger one yet. I'd HATE to like them so much I had to replace all my stands with them. Yikes!

I have a couple ladder stands for firearm hunting that stay out all year and get used maybe a couple times. Otherwise, lone wolf alpha hand climber. The only effective way to hunt any semi-permanent stand is not to burn it out.

i maintain roughly 30 stand sites for myself and a friend and we have all sizes,shapes, and heights. typically we go 15-22'. half are ladders and the rest hang ons.... most use TV tower aerial stands off of houses that get strapped to the tree then 2 hang ons at the top. usually 1 stand for hunting/1 for video. I really like the big Gorilla and Big Game hangons.use 99% rivers edge ladders. as much as i like to be 20' in a hang on, all my good bucks (125+) have come from 15'ladders....
hate rails, always wrong place wrong time (i have a pile of shooting rests that won't be seein any use) we mostly bow hunt anyway

it's not so much the type of stand as where you hang it:)

Flatlander, I'm a big fan of the Big Game Boss XL hang-ons as well. Inexpensive, sturdy and pretty quiet.

My brother-in-law buys cheap ladder stands on clearance and uses them as ladders. He then hides his hang-ons above them and uses a couple of screw in steps to get into them. He likes how quiet they are to get into and just maybe the ladder stand looks empty to the deer.

One of the largest bucks I ever killed was shot while I was sitting in a corn combine. I'm mainly a bowhunter for whitetails and after nearly 50 years of chasing them have found that movement and scent warn deer be it fawn or big swamp buck not stand size,of course I don't fall prey to the fashion trends of the camo makers either.

come on BD everyone knows ya gotta have the newest camo pattern to get the big'un :)

in my opinion scent is 50% of the equation, 40% set-up /location, and 10% fooling there eyes........
i could be wrong (but my deep freeze doesn't think so :)

Ill have to second the "Lone Wolf Climber" comment. At 13.5 pounds I can carry that thing in like its my bowling bag. Get up the tree in 2.5 minutes flat, its silent, its concealable and above all....it's deadly!

Deer don't ussualy look up and even if they are they are eating. Why would a deer look up not like he thinks about climbing trees. If you mov around that muck get yourself a small tree stand and climb 25-35 feet in a fur tree, my dad has shot a lot of deer out of fur trees and they help with wind, the tree won't move, your scent wound blow out, your movement and cover from rain and snow.

Have combo of all types. ladders are great. I have one big enough to bring wife or child in a great funnel area. We call it the ole reliable and we have taken many animals from it. Also, if you are able to leave the stands in the woods all year, be sure to loosen the chains/straps each year to keep the tree from growing around it. Which stand to use in a given area depends a lot on the vegetation or cover in an area and as the area matures, i may change stand type to aid in concealment. Good ideas all.

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