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July 21, 2008


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Nice, Mike!!

I like your..." tromped in the dark, cracking sticks, falling down, cussing, spreakding scent, spooking animals, ruining a spot"....

Been there, done that!!!

I will not buy one of these, I do not fool with such gadgetry. but it will work and as hanback says is a good idea. one time I missed my stand by 80 yards and jumped a huge-body deer, probably the 160-class I had been after all year. had I not missed the stand I could have snuck in and climbed up with luck less than 100 yards from the giant and probably shot him when it got light

looks handy and i think it would be great......even greater for $10 but nothing is cheap these days.....
i probably won't get one either.....i would need almost 30 of them and that would be too costly..... at that # of stands it would be more cost affective to have a GPS marking all stands......
for now i will just follow my nose and hone my woodsmans skills :)......... that should only take about 30 more years :)

I have tried two of these beacons.Same result each time one good rain storm and it will not work.In concept great idea but either I just got two unlucky ones or there is a slight problem with the design.

Tucker, thanks, they obviously have a waterproofing problem; I hope the company reads this and responds, I am going to try to help you get a replacement

You gotta love Harrold and David, them boy's have consistantly come up with some cool stuff over the years. I guess Hanback is all budy, budy withem, must be nice to have huntin buddies of that caliber.


Cool gadget Mike. Another good way to find your stand in the dark is to tape a piece of mirror on your tree stand facing the direction you will be walking into it and shine your light at the general area on your walk in.

And, on the way out of the woods, Steven, you can check out how good you look in your camo...nice!!! LOL!!

Bass Pro has this product for 21.99. There are a few products very similar to Knight and Hale from 19.99 from The Sportsmans Guide also. I might have to try one cause I have found myself wandering aimlessly in the dark on one or more occasions myself trying to find a new stand. The areas I hunt in Fla all look exactly the same and if I turn my head for a minute, 2 hrs later I see a sign, Georgia, 10 miles! LOL

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