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July 24, 2008


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One Question: What happens if you choose a tree that is much wider than the one in their advertisement?

O.K. Two questions...

What happens if a deer comes to you from the side? Now instead of seeing a "dark blob", they see a huge "white blob"??

I admire a company for coming up with something unique like that, but I'll take being a dark blob any day of the week. The key is not moving so much. I'll give them credit though, it's a pretty cool concept. I just think you'd have to be in the perfect tree for that pattern to really be effective.

The website is coming up blank right now Mike.

Mike, I had trouble with the link, so you might want to check to make sure it's right. Second, Dean, if you go to the website you'll notice that they have tried to account for the side view, but I agree a differently sized tree would be an issue. All that being said, being still is obviously the biggest concern (well and the wind), people killed plenty of deer before we came along with all of our fancy/expensive/"essential" gear.

10-4 Levi!

I like that some Native Americans used to dress up in deer skins to get closer to whitetails. They were "decoying" deer long before any of our modern, fancy gear.

Man, let's go kill some deer. Anyone else getting the itch??

I think the pattern shows some thought and merit.

In the right situation (late season or as a snow pattern) I think it could be very effective. It reminds me a bit of Skyline's Horizon pattern (people never gave that pattern much of a chance and it's been around for @ least 10-15 years).

Being still is your best option, but a little insurance (from a more open pattern after the leaves fall) couldn't hurt.

I do agree with Mike that competing against Mossy Oak and Realtree won't be easy, but I wish these guys the best of luck.


"man,let's go kill some deer. Anyone else getting the itch??" Get us cranked up Dean!

Heck ya....can't wait! Have a few big boys
on my radar screen. And while I'm out in the woods and up in the tree......my freezer will be happy to be filled again
with some great doe venison as well. Thinking about doing a deer "hog roast style". Anyone care to join me??

As far as the camo , nice approach , maybe
a few more horz and vert lines (branches)
may work??

I've come across alot if hunters who weren't high enough to maximize this type camo. Good idea for late season bow hunting though.

Not sure how I feel about the new pattern to be honest, you guys have said it all. I do know what you mean about a dark blob though. My brother loves the looks of the mossy oak pattern and its all he wears. I've worn realtree for a couple of years and bought some realtree ap stuff last year. Much lighter colors and tones in without as many defined shapes as the old stuff. It makes a huge difference in the woods in my opinion as compared to the mossy oak, which makes a hunter really stand out in the woods. Definitely like lighter patterns so who knows, get some of you guys to blow your money first and try it and if it works, I'll give it a try :)


There's a guy down here in Texas that is pushing a "sticks and limbs" camo that looks pretty good, too. I, however, hunt from box blinds and covered tripods so a pair of jeans and a camo shirt and hat are good to go for me. I am going to try the UV cover up this season. I'd hate to think I look blue in the woods. LOL

Cool idea if you have the right tree and the right setup. Dean, hell ya i've got the itch man, i cant wait to get in the tree! Eric, count me bro sounds like fun!

thei itch is on broek another arrow yeaterday robin hood @ 45 yeards damn but found some great public hunting land hope my mom lets me go lol

Ian....Great shootin man! I think your stars
are lined up this year for a big one! Keep us posted.

Scott...I'm planning on a giant country deer cookin' weekend (early October) when my
brother and I harvest our bow does! Will have an all weekend event....food , music,
bow shooting tournement...the likes for all
of us outdoor Kings. The little town of Perry, Illinois will be rockin' soon!

I'll keep everyone posted (days, maps , etc.) for the good times. Ooohhh...I just can't wait! Life is good.

If you sit still and don't move while the deer is looking your way, you can dress like a clown.

It's movement that gets their attention.
You are better off buying something that will conceal any movement and hiding behind that. Never ever skyline yourself, like the dude in the tree.

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