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July 08, 2008


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I would think that it would be alot more hassle than it would be worth. Just something else to try to keep scent free. I have never had the problem of deer looking up at me unless I gave them a reason to. It seems to me that a big square blob hanging on the side of a tree would be more noticable from a distance than the angles of a tree stand. Just my take.

I def think it is the hassle factor, esp. with lock-ons, it can be enough work to get the stand up, much less fiddle with a blind cover. but i agree that you cannot get away with too much movement or you'll get busted, so a 40 blind might be good. i suspect i'd use it once or twice and maybe not fool with it, but good idea

ebrown, good point and i meant to mention that if you were going to use a blind, do in a spot where it would not stick out like a giant blob on a tree, maybe against a fork or something

also should mention that in my travels deer DEF look up a lot more in the South and East than in the Midwest and Canada and MT, where they don't bust you as often

$40 vs. a couple of old burlap feed bags & duct tape....guess there truly is one born every minute like good old Bailey said there was!

I usually sit my stands up in such a manner that I usually have either limbs or other cover around me to help break up my outline.

Plus, I've found the less stuff I carry into the woods, the less chance I have of something going wrong. Simpler is better, IMHO.


Several of the wraps they make are of a loud nylon type material, rain it would pound on, wind would make it whip, NOIIIIIISY!!

Burlap is the best material i have seen to be used for this purpose...

When the stands come in at the retail store i work for alot of guys look at the totally wrapped one and say, i like that...and i scratch the material and say really...and they save 80 bucks, by the frame stand and some camo burlap if they really want it...

I'm with ya, Big Daddy ... $15 for a 50ft roll o' burlap at Agway and I'm good to go for 5-10 years. I use it on my fixed stands and leave it year 'round. That way the deer are used to the burlap flapping in the breeze constantly. My Viper climber needs some too, but I agree that the hassle factor comes into play some days and don't always use it when I'm hurried getting in the woods after work. But then I look for trees with decent backdrop to break up my outline.

Pa Archer could be we old yanks up here in Pa are dumb like a fox!

Do deer look up? Well...having hunted Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan, Kansas, Iowa and Saskatchewan...the answer is a resounding yes. What I do notice, however, is they react differently to that lump in the tree.

In places like Saskatchewan, Iowa and Kansas, even mature bucks seem to not be too spooky (at least compared to what I am used to in Michigan).

On the other extreme, here in Michigan, the deer (especially does and 2-1/2+ yr old bucks) will pick you out without any problem and will boogie at the blink of an eye.

It's all about pressure.

Artificial cover??? I'm debating now whether or not to try it. I just don't have the greatest trees on my place...so I am desperate. If I do use it...it will be hung shortly to give the deer time to forget about it.

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