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July 10, 2008


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I just ordered one last week, can I get the discount applied??

you bet i will chad. nice buck. customer service will email you shortly.

Now that is the kind of customer service you want--thanks Mark for helping Chad out!!

Mark, that is pretty cool!

since i havnt shot a buck bigger than a six pointer i'll have to pass.... for now :>
P.S. I got a job @ Gander Mountian its the best job in the Freakin world

Mike, how about having a post about best sportsmans jobs. Is ian right? Is your job as good?

Congrats Ian!!! I loved working part time at a small sporting goods (a true hunting, fishing, camping only) store in Madison. The only job I have ever had where I honestly laways looked forward to going there every day. We had a great staff and many of them are still close friends. I hope you enjoy Gander Mt. that much. BTW, buy as much stuff as you can afford with your discount. You'll hate paying retail for the rest of your life when you're done! lol.

Mark, if I manage to have an arow run into a big buck this year, I'll be in touch.


Great to hear you have a wonderful job!

With that attitude and smart planning on all of your hunting time spent chasing deer.....
you will have the Deer God bless you with a big buck real soon. Keep at it....and we are
all cheering for you!


I ordered 2 decals last week - one whitetail, one muley. I can't wait to get them!

What a great idea!

Just got a Tacoma one would look great on!! Don't have a true GIANT yet so I'm going to hold off on the $25 for one right now. Really good idea though guys and hope to get one big enough imo for a $25 window sticker. In the meantime, I have looked everywhere around here and can't find any of the "generic" stickers. Dicks, Wal-mart, even went to Bass Pro this last week and all they had were Browning Stickers, not a problem but I shoot a Ruger lol. Where do you get those??


Cody,I am having some BIG DEER decals made for my blog soon, I'll let you know, thanks

Sounds good Mike. Hows the new site coming?

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