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July 15, 2008


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I tried this quite a few times over the year with buck urine, doe urine, doe in heat urine, with quite a few different brands (all depending upon the time of year of course) and had it work occasionally at best.

Like anything else, I think it all depends on the deer's mood. It's amazing how receptive some deer are and in the same day other deer will walk right past scent wicks or scent trails and never blink an eye.

I've found calling to be the same way. Sometimes calls work to perfection and then other times (often the same day) the deer either ignore them or look and just walk away.


i used the double drag last year and had lots of 1.5 and a few 2.5 year olds come in like they were on train tracks. I didn't see any mature bucks while using it but i was hunting the fringe of a sanctuary and the hot does weren't taveling much. i have had tremondous success with code blue in the past, i have had some whoppers come charging in to it..... no other brand has done that for me!

Mike: Once after dragging Tink's 69 a couple hundred yards to my stand I had a spike buck walk to the base of my ladder stand and lick the drag line that I had draped over a step. He would not leave the area an bedded down 30 yds from me all day.

I have tried several scents...

never had much luck with them, i have refocused my scent goals to smell as much like a patch of dirt, or tree, as possible...

I've never crossed a pasture full of cattle that I didn't step in a cow paddy or two...figure I'm not sticking my nose into it to smell the cow an the deer won't stick his into it to smell me.

contrary to what the hunting accessory makers want you to believe there is no one single item that is going to bring a biggun running. Common sense usage of a combination of products can help but the old mountain men knew the secret...watch the wind..don't move about...see them before they see you.

I've used a lot of different scents but i think the same as Jim. It depends on the deer's moods just like rattling, grunting ect. I've had some luck with Tinks 69 but i've had better luck with Trails End #307.
This scent has a curiosity and sexual attractant to it. I shot a buck 2 years ago opening weekend Oct. that came right to it, and have had them come right to it during rut as well. From early season thru the rut this has worked well the past few years. I even use it as a cover scent while im in a tree because of the curiosity/hunger drive it has to it. A lot of the bucks that i get responce from is the 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 year olds.

But, like stated earlier. It dosn't work all of the time, just a lot better than anything else i've used, and it can be used all season.

If people would use REAL deer urine not "Scents" they would have better luck..IMO MRS. DOE PEE'S BUCK LURE....make has some of the very BEST
http://www.mrsdoepee.com/index2.html DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!
(If you use the right stuff!)

hmmm, 12 bucks for a string and a couple o' rags???

I've had small deer and even a bear come in to a bottle of estrous scent, but NEVER, EVER in over 25 years of hunting seen a big buck fall for it. They might smell it, be intrigued for a time, but they'll ALWAYS circle downwind from your set up and you're busted. period.

Very rarely will a mature buck follow an immediate trail, They will almost always follow a trail from the downwind side, and estrous does will merely be shadowed from somewhere downwind, he doesn't even have to see her, he can smell her. If you carry or drag Stuff like this, it simply assures he'll smell you too.

I use two separate drags; one from each boot.

I wrote scents off long ago, because I spent money on stuff that didn't produce squat. Back around the mid 1990s I quit wasting money on "scents".

My thoughts changed when I "caught wind" (no pun intended...really) of the story of Sam Collora and Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures.

To make it short, when I started using real, fresh deer urines my thoughts and ideas of "scents" changed almost overnight. I don't want to seem like a commercial, but these real, preservative free urines work extremely well. A lot of the effectiveness of using these urines resides in how clean, and scent free you and your equipment are before going to the field.

Sam and Judi's Quality Control ensures a product that is superior to any I've ever used. When you see bucks actually doing flehmen on a trail you've created you understand.

And, this brings me back to the idea about "celebrities" being very down-to-earth. Sam Collora is a great friend of mine, and he's one of the most genuine, down-to-earth, hard working people I know. In fact, the whole Collora family is fantastic. They're real genuine, midwestern folks who love everything about deer hunting. They stumbled onto their urine business by accident. Sam is considered a "celebrity" in the industry by some, but if you met him, you'd never know it. Actually, he's quite ornery, so you have to watch him.

I have to agree with Dean....Collora's
stuff works. Keep your scent to a minimum
while applying/ distributing the urine.

And for the "cat out of the bag trick",
shoot a doe in early Novemeber and with
latex gloved hands , cut out the interdigital glands from between each hoof and place them in a small sterile cheese cloth bag.
This then is soaked with Collora's doe urine
and stored in a ziplock bag (freeze if not used often) but otherwise refrigerate between use. Now apply this to the ground by
lashing the concoction onto a long stick and
walk downwind of your desired "scent trail".
With the stick / concoction , poke the ground every two feet in spacing heading to your stand. Make a "j" hook down around the stand into your shooting lane. Works great
for cruising bucks on my set-ups!

I really like the Trails End #307 here in Michigan. When looking for that cull Doe this stuff really works. I switch to the VS1 after Halloween. I might try the double drag with these two. I always hang the drag rag from a three foot stick so I'm not walking on the exact trail I expect the deer to appear. Always stop the drag at the ideal shot range. A couple of shots of Fox Urine on the rubber boots and at waist level at my tree has helped with the buck that comes in tight to the tree stand. The bucks that do come to the base of the tree seem to stay a bit longer with fox urine giving me the extra time to get the shot angle right. SOMETIMES STRAIGHT DOWN !!!

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