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July 16, 2008


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already got one and yeah they are dorky but @ 55 mpg you can't beat em plus you can drive it around and save the truck for when you go hunting i might just send in a pict with me and it what do ya think?

Ian, definitely dress in some camo, hold your bow or gun and take a pic by your greenie weenie--better yet, shoot a deer and stick it on top and send ma photo, priceless. when the new site launches you will have several forums/areas to post topics, comments and photos--I want that hybrid shot,LOL

think gas prices are bad??? Diesel for my Ford & BMW has gotten so bad I bought a $12500 Elentra for my runs into the office...nice 'lil car but wouldn't want to make a trip in it with my hunting buddies after a week in camp!

just a tip for hunting rigs/ fuel mileage

when buying a truck (which you can get deals on now) get a list of gear ratio's off the internet that will match the #'s in the glove box (on GM). this will make a huge differenc. example my truck has 4:10 gears and gets 10 MPG, my suburban has 3:27
rearend and gets 18 MPG........

if you are not pulling big equip. get something with a higher rearend gear and
keep that 4x4....... drive 65 at 1800 rpm's and get 18-20 MPG

or get the wrong rig and drive 55mph at 2500 RPM's and get 10 like my work truck :(

Hunt Smarter not Harder :)

I guess bears don't like hybrid cars. Who knew?

On a Prius? Hey i have been stuffin deer in my Saturn SL for years. Amazing how you can fold one up. By the way I hunt ten minutes from home so no long journeys.

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