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July 18, 2008


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I have a few more for hunting.

Never cross a fence with a loaded gun.

Never haul up/or lower down a loaded gun into/from a treestand.

Never strap a loaded gun onto your back and climb into/or out of a treestand.

I see these three rules (especially the last two) broken all the time because people don't want to load/unload a gun in the woods as they are afraid the deer will hear.


Mike, I've been taught those things ever since I got my first toy guns as child. My brother and I are both very cautious with guns and know full well the consequences that can occur with carelessness. I thank my dad for that becuase I have hunted with people before who, I wouldn't say are careless necessarily, they just don't focus all of the needed attention on gun safety. They don't unload guns when climbing into stands and sometimes even in the truck, which makes me uncomfortable. I will always ask them to unload if I'm around them because it'sthe way I was "trained" to do.

Good points Jim. Something everyone should try to make a habit.


These rules should be burned into the brain of everyone who uses any kind of firearm. I'm doing a post later today about another tragic accident that could have been avoided if the person holding the gun had practiced elementary gun safety. Thank you for helping reinforce the gun safety message.

I've been a hunter Education instructor in VA for 8 years now, and every class we have a couple of old hats who are there because they need a certificate to "go out west" or Canada or something, invariably they will have the "I'm bored, you guys can't teach me anything" look on the first night.

By the third night they have learned something guaranteed.

Seek out and find a hunter education course near you, take it again as a refresher. I promise you'll learn something, with the PLUS of having a great time.

OR BETTER YET, volunteer to become an instructor! Put your money where your mouth is, and help educate people about the things we hold so dearly.

Always treat every gun as if it were loaded!
Always control the muzzle!
Never point at anything you don't want to destroy!
Be sure of your target AND beyond!

TDH know what you mean...... last year i took a Bowhunters safety course thinking i knew everything there was to know and i got a real education.....learned alot of advanced things aobut archery, hunting,safety etc. not to mention refueling the fire with-in me to just shoot a bow for what it is... an amazing wonder of how a sharp stick can fly the way we want it to (most times:) )

we should have to retake safity courses every 10 years and renew our cards like we do drivers lic.

hate more regulations but that would be one i'm in favor of

Good post Mike,
I have those same four rules taped to the door of my gun safe....gotta look at em, before I pull a firearm out.

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