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June 18, 2008


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good one, I always have duct tape in camp, I'll try this on some unsuspecting doe shooter!

Shouldnt the "Licensing agent" of checked the sex of the deer while checking them in?

On the other hand, at least they were trying to do the right thing by calling a CO.

I posted that last comment.

A lot of flap here in Indiana to go to tele-check system. Most of the time the check-ins do not actually take the time to see the kill anyway.

I wouldn't mind Indiana going to tele-check myself.

The duct tape trick is classic. I have a feeling I will use that sometime.

The guy should send that into the duct tape company to use for one of their print ads.


Did the reverse of this to my Dad a few years back. He was away for the day, and I went out for a late season, doe-only hunt. I shot a nice doe early that morning and i taped the rack from the buck i shot earlier in the year to the doe's head and left her laying gutted in the driveway (it was really cold that day). My Dad got home that night, and being the upstanding sportsman he is, he prepared to kick the tar out of me for shooting (what he thought) was a buck out of season. I'll never forget the look on his face when the rack easily pulled of the head when i moved the doe. We still talk about it every year-good times...

Had a friend of mine in high school that always hunted out west with his father.
Anyway, he ended up shooting this huge 5x5 muley buck and forever drove around with the rack in his truck. Well one deer season(out in PA)he shot a fair size 8ptr. with his bow. He ended up zip-tying the muley rack back side of the just killed buck's rack. The tie also had his tag attached to it. It ended up taking what seemed like 3 days for him to finally make it home. He had people literally pulling him over to take pics. and seeing the "giant" racked buck. Even the local hunters came by to marvel at the biggest non-typical bow killed buck coming out of Lackawanna Co. Dang, wish I had thought of that back in 1979!

Maybe I'll get you in camp this fall, Mike! How about an early morning hunt stalk on a decoy I put out the night before or something. Hmmmm....

Mike, since VA went to phone in checking, did the numbers drop? Where could you find that data? I took a picture of a small buck my nephew killed with a large rack from a road kill and he text it to several of his buddies and they thought he was The Man...

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