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June 17, 2008


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Real cool, learn something new every day.

velvet is also the fastes growing bone tissue known to mankind....billions (with a B) are spent yearly on research of velvet in medical labs trying to unlock the secret of it's rapid growth. Some of the possible future uses for velvetare juvinile bone growth, cancer treatments,etc.

Very cool! I always like to glass deer in the summer time while there out feeding in fields. The racks are cool to look at during the growing stage. It definently makes them look a lot bigger.

Nice pic! I have a few camera pics. from the past that show their tongues stuck out like the big boy in the photo. Why???

Big D.....unlocking nature's marvels will
help humanity in consideration to medicine practices.
My tenure college instructors in the field of plastic chemistry and science always mentioned researching nature in all forms.
(Thus could answer some of our most complex questions regarding the human body.) That is why we need to be conservationalist for both plant and animal life!

Don't ever handle a dead velvet-racked buck
before the season....I did on a road kill and it gave me two years of deer
hunting bad luck.....just my superstitious opinion!

eric did those profs mention that certain toads excrete via glands in their anus a substance proven to be useful in penal implants for humans...the bigger questions, I've always thought should be "whatever led to wondering if that sticky goo coming out a toads butt could aide in penis implants" think about ..here's another "what was the first person thinking when they saw a milk cow with full udders and wondered ...if I go over there an suck on one of those,will it taste good?"

Fascinating stuff! Hey , based off the "chicken or the egg" theory , how
did scientist conjure up the toad butt to penal implant experiment? Did a scientist kiss the toad butt and get a penal implant?

There is so much more which nature has up their sleeves that common folks are not aware of.

The list goes on and on and on......

wow fellas, I'll stay out of this one. Horn growth is truly amazing, thanks for the facts mike.

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