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June 26, 2008


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I've been seeing bucks in groups of three or four on the properties and surrounding farms that we hunt.

BTW, the Supreme Court just announced their ruling. Gun owners win 5-4!


Jim, you beat me to it. Excellent news!!!!

As for seeing bucks, I have seen zero. But, I haven't been out scouting yet. In a couple of weeks I will be camping at our land with my 3 year old. We'll definitely be doing some long range scoping of the fields. Might also put the trail cams up to see if any of the big boys from last year made it through the winter. Only 78 more days to wait!!!

Same here in MI. We have been seeing groups of 4 to 6 bucks. Every once in a while we will see a big group of bucks 10 to 12+ A lot of bigger size deer this year to!

Mike, i was going to ask a similar question. Are the bucks in VA behind in growth compared to the mid west? I have been seeing a group of 9 at my place, out to the ears and tall, but not wuite as big as the photo above. They are out each evening, in the same spot.

Chris, I'd say the bucks are right on track, the photo was July 27 last year, so they ought to mirror that in about a month;
9 bucks in a pod is a lot for where we live in my opinion--look for them to break up into 2 smaller groups, mature and little ones as summer progresses

Dean, samething here in the south part of Indiana. They are out thick right now. Seems to be a good balance of doe to buck. Not seeing nearly as big of groups as you have, but the bucks I am seeing are looking very healthy.

I always forget to put my name in. That was my last comment.

i'll try to get some video tonight

Chris, don't sweat it man! The bucks I'm seeing aren't very developed yet either. And, look at the date on the above photo. July 27th...a month away.

I'll give everyone who has winter wheat in their areas a nice tip here. Now that the kernals are almost fully mature (and nearly ready to harvest) watch the bachelor groups flock to those fields. Years ago I noticed a monster buck in a mature wheat field and every since have watched tons of big bucks, and their groups...mowing down the tasty grains. Of course, it's short lived; the stuff will be harvested very soon.

But, right now, get your trail cameras on wheat fields...and be patient. Even after the wheat is harvested bucks will continue to eat loose kernals and the new growth a few weeks later as brand new wheat plants emerge. If you have fields where wheat meets either soybeans, or hay/alfalfa...or a food plot...BINGO!!!!

Wake up early some morning and go out at the crack of dawn and you'll see loads of bucks in these wheat fields.

ive had my trail cams out for 12 days, i'm picking them tomorrow, see what i got...

then i'm gettin my new bow...could be a really good day if some filth-nasty old greybeard buck shows up on the cams, AND i get my new toy...haha

20 pics on two cams in 12 days...not impressed...

one forky buck...

more 4 wheelers than bucks....argh...

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