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June 23, 2008


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i suppose it was only a matter of time until an electric quad came out to save the planet and all, but wonder what would happen if you were halfway up a hill and your battery juice died? lol--on the other hand not so funny. but I'd look into buying one, figuring it had some power drawbacks and riding accordingly. if I had 10 grand!

Between this and the "bad boy buggy", I guess all electric is the new buzzword in hunting quads.

I would imagine they will find a home with many hunters, but @ 10 grand, I'm way too cheap to buy one and (like BT), I have to wonder how large a pain in the butt it would be if it ran out of juice out in the middle of nowhere.


my 2 good hunting buddies and i all have SUZUKIS'S and they are unbelievable efficient on fuel and have never let us down. we routinely have them in 3-4 foot of nasty, dirty river water and one even floated when heading up stream in a heavy current! with winches on the front there is nowhere that we can't get a buck out of ...... my co-workers are suprised i don't drive it to work..... (if i could without getting tickets i would:) I am confident no electric vehicle will compare, besedes too much money...... my Chevy K2500 HD only cost me $8500.

elec. would be quiet to the stand but i would rather walk or mountain bike in to be very very quiet..... save the horse power for hauling the meat out :)

As Jim said...I have heard a lot of negative feedback on this electric UTV's. Some guys I know took out a Bad Boy Buggy and I can't think of the other one(The commercial where it says all the features and say's YUP after each one). Anyways, neither of them got more than 2-4 miles before running out of juice. Both were fully charged and ready to go. Needless to say, they had a nice walk ahead of them...

Hasn't Bad Boy Buggy been around for a while longer than this company? Are they somehow different?

I have read alot of stories of guys building their own out of old golf carts. There are even some websites and forums on how to do it. If I remember correctly they are a fraction of the cost of one of these. I didn't pay much more than that for my truck when I bought it used. lol.

Having said all that, I'd love to have one of them to get close to some of the stands that are a bit of a walk. Very cool.

if someone can afford $10,000 for a cart to get them to the stand a little easier so they don't have to walk so far (and a handicap is not in question) then i don't think that $4.00 gas is an issue for them.
i guess the bulk of hunters out there really aren't hurting for money that bad....... or maybe a very few can really afford these things...... interesting to see what the social class of hunting is today......

Mike might be neat to see some survey results on this


9500 will buy a lot of gas...

10 years from now 9500 might not buy a gallon.....

Don't count your electric powered vehicles until they hatch. Forbes Magazine has an article (http://www.forbes.com:80/forbes/2008/0630/038_print.html) that says that electric power is set to undergo the same price increase that we have just seen with petroleum. Further, the article says that we are gonna have blackouts and brownouts that will prevent us from charging the new battery powered vehicles say nothing about providing power for the appliances and lights that we now have.

Hi Guys,

I just purchased a Ruff n Tuff 4x4 a few weeks ago. I'm here in Louisiana near the Baton Rouge distributor and was told that I am the second retail 4x4 purchase in the country for this new machine.

I was a bit afraid of the early purchase initially since they are just hitting the market and may be prone to problems starting out. After test driving one I could'nt wait and just had to get one early.

Hauling it home I was a bit worried since I had just spent nearly 12 grand on a beefed up electric golf cart.

I hauled it home from the dealer that afternoon and couldn't get off of it till late that night. As far as performance goes it runs 21-22 mph just as advertised. The biggest plus about this machine besides being quiet is the suspension. The ride is truly awesome! The cart has 4 wheel independent a-arm suspension w/ 4 wheel disc brakes. The front looks very similar to a 4x4 atv or Rhino and is constructed of components that have already proven themselves on other vehicles. The rear suspension is much the same but incorporates an anti-sway bar to decrease body roll.

Horsepower is not huge but remember this is still an electric cart. Going uphill it will slow down a bit but has lots of torque at very low speeds. I've been in the mud a few times since and it is impressing me more and more with what it can do. I let my friend drive it in his muddy cattle pasture and we crossed a shallow and wide mud hole where it nearly sunk to the frame. With 3 of us on it it pulled through making ruts about 9 inches deep. The front locking differential was very handy.

Me and my good hunting club buddy were planning to both get one but he opted to get an ezgo before the ruff n tuff 4x4 came out. He kept laughing at me that he paid only $7k and I paid nearly $12k just for a 4x4. I myself agreed that the price is an awful lot for an electric cart.

The day after I picked it up I drove it over to his house and parked next to his decked out camo ezgo with the big tires and larger controller. He had been making fun of me spending so much money on the 4x4 but jumped on it and took a spin. He circled back after only about 30 seconds and said... "No Comparison!". We each swapped back and forth from each cart and there is nothing really to compare. I'm not bad mouthing ezgo at all b/c they are great carts. The fact is they are still "Golf Carts". After riding both side by side I can honestly say that if the ezgo is worth 7k then this one is worth 12.

I have had the car for nearly a month now. The ezgo's and other lifted golf carts are great carts but this new machine is truly in a class of its own. As far as the bad boy buggie goes, this cart will run circles around it and rides like a dream.

Battery life per charge is very impressive also. The 50 mile per charge as advertised is for a straight run on pavement so off road the mileage will vary. Like most carts it has a charge indicator that lets you know how much battery is left. It will not just stop and leave you without warning. I am very impressed at how far I can ride per charge. On our 4000 acre lease I am confident that I'll be able to hunt a 3 day weekend per charge. It's not just a hunting vehicle for me as I live out in the country and will be using it every weekend.

I know i've been long winded but know that there is very little info on the internet about them so I thought I would share my experience. Actually most of the online photos used for advertising is just a photo of a 2 wheel drive ruff n tuff. Even the video online is done with a 2 wheel drive if you look closely. The only legit shot of the cart that i've seen is the one on the online brochure and is the front end shot where you can see the front drive shaft.

Anyone have any questions I'd be glad to express my opinions. So far I am very sitisfied with my purchase!


I am currently waiting on one from our dealer. It is a little scary paying that much for something that is a new product. They seem to have a hard time getting the carts to the dealers. My main reasons for wanting one is for hunting and quiet riding so my kids can see more game in the off season. We have some pretty rough terrain so the 4 x 4 would be a plus. I aprreciate the reviews an I'll post mine when I get it...hopefully next week.

thanks for your reviews!!

I just joined a club in Woodville, MS. and the club rules are no 4wheelers during hunting season. My dad and I hunt together and he cannot walk long distances so I needed a cart to get him to the stand. I decided that if im gonna get one then I want the best so might as well spend the cash.

Ray, loved your review, could you send a pic of your buggy in the woods, i could then post your review, thanks!

Sure Mike, my camera is at work so I'll take a few shots of it next week.

Thought I would update my post on the Ruff & Tuff. I have owned one now for 2 weeks. I would say the cart is okay but not great. For the price this thing cost I do not believe it is a great purchase. The emergency brake switch has broken already and I'm told they are working on a replacement. The back shocks squeak pretty loud from time to time. There is definetely a "gear noise" that keeps the cart from being totally quiet. We have pretty rough terrain so battery life is only 15-20 miles. If someone is riding on the back and you hit a bump the tires rub underneath the fenders. The cart definetely needs mud guards because the tires are wider than the fenders. Anyone riding in the back will get their legs completely coverd in mud, it also slings mud in the front. If I had to do it over again I would probably get a lifted 2 x 2 cart and put a winch on it. I will say this, it will go through some serious mud even in two wheel drive. I don't want to slam this cart too much because I believe it is probably better than the other 4 x 4 cart options right now. They really need to work the issues out and I hope they do.

Delta, does your cart have the large mud tires or the wide smaller ones. I've seen the latest ones with the more aggressive mud tires. I think that the mudders would kill the smooth ride that the suspension is capable of.

It's a pretty wide tire. I haven't compared or know what other ones they may use, it came standard with these. I don't believe it would take much to correct the problems with this cart. I could install some mud guards/flaps if they were available. That's one of the problems I have, for the price you pay it should already be equipped. I believe I can get the squeak out of the rear...we'll see. Probably the biggest concern is the gear noise. It doesn't sound like a gear failure, it just makes more noise than I think it should.

I understand what you mean by the gear noise and it is a tad louder than a typtical cart. I think this noise is inherent to the design and cant be avoided. Typical 2x4 carts have a solid rear axle with only 1 differential. This cart has 1 differential in the rear, one in the front, 4 cv axles, and a cv drive shaft to the front. You may say that this is too many parts but its the same setup as on all the other 4x4 vehicles like the rhino, ranger, etc. You dont hear the gear noise on those because the engine noise is way way louder. There's no way I would trade this set-up for a quieter solid axle set up. If you find a buddy with a 2x4 cart, ride em side by side off-road and you will see what I mean. I've had mine for over 2 months now and the noise is not an issue for me anymore.

So where are you from Delta?

I'm from Mississippi but live in Alabama now.

Ok..just wondering what dealer you purchased from. I'm about an hour away from the Distributor in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I'm not sure about any other dealers but I've gotten great service so far. I have questioned the mud guards too and they say that they'll eventually have some available. Accessories are hard to come by since the car has just hit the market. The item I am waiting for the most is the new rear seat footboard. I saw one on the prototype car and have to have one. It's covering is expanded metal instead of plate and is angled slightly upward. The last 4 to 6 inches bends upward at an angle. This allows the rear passengers something to push on but most of all it gives the cart much more clearance in the rear..not to mention that it will be a perfect deer cradle too. I kept dragging the rear footboard alot when going through ditches etc so I took the rear seat off for now.

I have had a Bad Boy Buggy for 4 years and love the machine. I just bought a new one and sold my old one to my dad. The new one is great. They have dual controllers and regen braking that is awesone for in the field use. Unlike the Ruff and Tuff the Bad Boy is dual motored. It doesnt have the noisy gear noise since the motors dont have external drive shafts. The Ruff and tuff scares me with the front square drive shaft going into a round hole. Seems like a week link in the design. It also seems like when driving through tall native grasses it would get in a bind and be a fire hazard.

The buggy is great and I recommend it to all my friends.

Hey Ray,
I just bought a used Bad Boy. Do you know how to adjust the brakes?

Sorry I don't know anything about the brakes on a Bad Boy. I've never had one..just rode in a few. I know some folks that have them and I'm sure you can get someone on here or another site to help you.

Goose..you said square drive shaft? My Ruff and Tuff has all round shafts with covered CV joints just like most of the gas powered 4x4 side by sides. What are you referring to?

How do you suppose it would be a fire hazard? Are you suggesting it would run hot due to overloading the motor and wiring?

I am in Louisiana too and just tested a Stealth 4x4 electric vehicle. It is very quiet and rugged. And unlike the others in the market, it is manufactured here at home. Something that gives me peace of mind when I decide to buy one. Check out their website at stealth4x4.com

Miguel, curious to hear about the Stealth 4x4. Have you drove the badboy or the ruff and tuff? If so , how does it compare? As to anyone else, I need one of these electrics for going through waist high swamp grass and some water. Currently have Argo, love the power, hate the steering mechanism,and smelling like exhaust when I get to where I am going.

I've just purchased a Ruff & Tuff about a month ago and I love it. It'll go anywhere my Kawasaki 3010 will go and it's a lot quieter. I got to go my stand and just to ride around in on our 1440 acre lease. So far, I've been able to ride it for two days without having to recharge it. I thought about purchasing a Bad Boy, but am glad I didn't.

I have a 2 Person Hunter and while my dealer has been excellent to deal with the cart has been a disappointment so far. I'm only getting around 2 miles out of my battery life due to mud build up. Does anyone know of a lift kit for the ruff n tuff? I do not see one on ther website. It is by far lower than any club car or bad boy buggy and therfore rubs over rough terrain and when the mud builds up. I am also having a lot of squeaking in the rear end like the others have mentioned.

You may have a loose connection on the controller. It happened to me and I would only get about 3 miles on a charge. Do you smell a burning or electrical odor?

Has anyone had any experience using the bad boy or the ruff and tuff in steep areas. I hunt northern CA. and we go app. 2000 feet up hill with flat areas till we get to the top. We usually walk the roads back but the thing that interests me is being quite. I see most post are from La. and that area is flat with rolling hills as you go north. Anyone out there used either one for what I have?

Jesus, how many company reps are on this site? Seriously Ray, how many owners do you think know about the new rear seat foot boards on prototype cars, or write reviews that sound like a sales pitch?

This machine is not worth the price. I'm very dissapointed in mine. It rattles and squeaks. Very low ground clearance, the tires rub on the body when you hit a bump. The tires sling mud on you unless your legs are completely inside the cab, which is very difficult when two people are in front. 50 miles on a charge is bogus, more like 15. My brake switch broke in the first week and they still haven't sent a new one. If I thought I could get anywhere close to what I paid I would sell it. After this hunting season it will be a toy for my kid's because it's not good for anything else. If I had to do it over again I would look at a modified club car or some other brand.

i hunt on the big black river in madison county ms.i have had my ruff and tuff for 3 months and just had my first problem with it.dont know what happened i think it shorted out or something.

your right it does sling mud all over you.for $11000 you would think it would have mud flaps.i have to put my gun in a case anywhere i go.i haven't put mine in any water over a foot deep and after 3 months its in the shop at the peak of our hunting season.i am very disappointed in mine to.

I own a R/T 4x4. I will go ANYWHERE you go in your gas buggy.......ANYWHERE! I won't ever spend a dime on fuel, tune ups, oil changes and the like. I will change the dry cell batteries that require zero maintenance and can be charged anytime every 7 years or so.
I have towed 4600 lbs behind mine. What people don't understand is torque. This unit has 100+ ft/lbs of torque on a roughly 1600 lb machine. Electric power is instant so there is no power curve.
As far as getting stranded.......you don't travel beyond your fuel range and so it is with this vehicle. When I have a full charge I know how far I can go just like you do with a tank of fuel.
This is a push button on the fly 4x4. I have 4 wheel independent suspension and 4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes. You will not find a smoother ride on the market when you go off road.
Finally my buggy IS completely street legal. I have a 17 digit serial number and it is registered as an LSV (low speed vehicle) in my state. I can legally drive it on any public road with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. It is complete with a full lighting package and shoulder hrness seat belts.
Last week I a I took it to a friends land to do a little off road riding. He said "you might want to ride with me it is pretty rough out there." I said just go man. The next morning he said "why don't I just ride with you today."
Enough said.

"You will not find a smoother ride on the market when you go off road."

I own one of these machines and I promise you can find a much smoother ride. I couldn't care less about it being street legal. The quality of this machine is not what it needs to be for a off road 4 x 4.

We just recently purchaded a 2008 Ruff-N-Tuff Hunter 4x4. I was very hesitant about the purchase because if was so expensive. After making the decision to go ahead and buy it.....it has been one headache after another!!! As soon as I got it home I parked it in the drive way, applied the parking brake and it rolled down the hill. I was told that they are working a new protocal and will charning it once they can mass produce it but until then park it on level ground. And it will get worse. WOW... Then the first time we used it at the farm we only got 2 miles out of the batteries. When we brought it back in to charge it....3 RED FLASHES on the charging system. Sent it back to the dealer, they replaced the charging system. The following friday went hunting again. Same thing! Dealer took it back found 2 bad batteries! The following friday went back hunting to try it again, thirds times a charm right? WRONG! Can't get more than 5 miles out the batteries and the RED light on the charging system is flashing AGAIN!! At this point I am getting sick to my stomach about it! They send a tech to my house replace all 6 batteries and the charging system. So I haven't had this thing for 3 months....I put a total 40 miles on it....I have had 8 new batteries and three new charging systems! It should run fine now right? You guessed it. It didn't. We haven't got a red flashing light yet but while driving it around the farm this past weekend we were coming across a field going about 17 miles per hour when we started up a slight hill, it bogged down and died completely with in 30 seconds! Now we have an 1/8 of a mile walk back to camp to get the 4 wheeler to tow this hunk of junk back! Got back to the RUFF-N-TUFF started it one more time just to see....started right up and drove away. ????????????Went from totally dead won't do a thing to running again! The advertising on this vehicle is BOGUS!!! 50 miles yea right! Maybe 15 and I still haven't seen that! It runs its BEST in perfect conditions: 70 degree day, who hunts in 70 degree weather(Oct, NOV, DEC). I am from St. Louis and its not 70 degress during hunting season! 170 pound driver, who only weights 170 with all their hunting gear and accesories! Tested on flat pavement, last time I checked you don't hunt in Wal-marts parking lot! If you are going to market it as a 4x4 hunting vehicle....test it is those conditions! Wish I never would have bought this! I also have to agree with some of the other posts. This thing slings mud everywhere. Not a bad problem but one I shouldn't have after spending $12 thousand dollars and the brakes squeak! But I've been told they are in the process for a new protocol for that as well! Starting to think my cart could qualify under the LEMON LAW!!! Anyone else have problems like this??? I would love to hear I am not the only one!!

This company has made lots of promises in Oklahoma to deliver 4x4 vehicles that it can not deliver. Oklahoma had some extra tax incentives for electric LSV that combined with the federal credits and spiked their sales. Customers have had down payments for vehicles for 9 months with full payment made for over 4 months. The delivery dates just keep getting delayed. In visiting with the company, they seem to not really care and just refer you back to the dealer you purchased it from. The dealer has no ability to produce the thing and give it to me. Find a different company that values its customers and support the US products that have entered this market.

I have just bought a R/T hunter 4x4. I have taken it to the camp 3 times and ALL 3 times it has stranded me. A good freind of mine is the dealer and he is taking care of me service wise, but so far I would love to get my money back. Around the house my wife and kids like it, but at deer camp, it is a whole different story. I had a Ranger 700XP and I wanted somthing with no noise. My buddy I sold my ranger to, you guessed it, had to come and pull me home the last time I took it out. on the Youtube video all it shows is the machine in water, well I put mine in a branch that you could walk aross in sunday shoes and it shotred everything out. Once it dried out, it started working again. I have a R/T 4x4 for sale if you guys know a sucker like me! ;)

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