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June 05, 2008


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Man, never know what you'll see in the woods. I guess the lesson is to have your digital camera, you might get a pic like that. Pretty creative on the landowner's part lol

Wonder if the deer head is on one side of the line and the stand on the other?

I tend to agree with John, you cannot watch your honey whole 24/7. If someone wants a buck bad enough, fences and property lines are not going to hinder them!

My advice to anyone is to have your ground surveyed by a professional and mark the property lines. You will also have the paper document as proof. None of it is necessary if you are friendly with the adjoiners and have agreed upon lines, of course.

Thats a good one right there! Nice buck John, great looking deer. Im looking at doing some bowhunting in Iowa next season 09 with my dad & uncle. Can't wait to get there and spot some of those big boys. One place i've been wanting to deer hunt for a while. We might be on some private & some state property, here there is some great bucks on state ground like that one you shot.

I bet somebody stole that deer head, it's on or near public land! that would open up another can of worms lol

Great post John and I agree. Sitting on fence lines has been happening forever.

There really isn't much you can do about it as long as the neighbors aren't shooting on your side of the fence.


Like Jstreet mentioned, line hunting has been happening for a long time.

On my Illinois property , to the west is
large block of ground that is bow hunted only, and now only one person hunts it. To the east , an outfitter leases another large chunk of land , of which he has stands
at the fence on fairly good travel corridors. (Oposite spectrums as far as how those two properties get hunted.) Anyway , I have stands at both ends, but the west stands are set up for naturally traveling deer. (that hunter is selective and very concerned as far as human activity on the deer herd.) My stands to the east are always set up after the "paid hunter's" stands are placed. At that end , I always erect my stands after the pressure starts and they are typically off a few hundred yards of the outfitter's setups. By the time the rut kicks in, most cruiser bucks have already pinned down the pressured stands and will always skirt around them during daylight movement. Always be prepared to set up your hunts based off of what forced conditions alter the deer movement or use on your property.

Note: place your counter-pressure stands
up a week before the big ones move and stay
out of them until the tail end of the chase phase. Also, place them on any terrain feature that the buck feels comfortable,
easy, and safe to travel thru.

Like John mentioned , don't loose sleep over it, let them mess up their own hunting! The way I see it , ethically smart hunters always reap their own rewards!

Eric, you're spot! any hunter who does not use pressure on surrounding lands simply cannot hunt effectively. what happens on the lands around you impacts the bucks MORE than on you land, how and when they come and go and so forth. Your advice on stands is great, I'm gonna make it a guest post sometime, thanks

Eric, that's great advice. Thanks for posting that up. Just another reason why this is the best site around!


I have to agree completely with your post.

Let the fence sitter play dog for you when possible. It's almost as if they (the fence sitter) has a little bell around their necks. It doesn't take long for the deer to realize where it's safe(r) and where it's not.


Thanks much for the genuine responses!

Now if I can just get my brother to wear a pair of Elimitrax boots everytime he checks my food plots and trail cameras.

Mike, my success for both trophy bucks and smart old does has increased dramtically ever since the outfitter started "chasing" them to my area! Don't get mad....be GLAD!

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