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June 23, 2008


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It's a great tatic, my family owns a farm on the outskirts of town, and it has two four lane highways running through it plus a railroad track, the over passes for the tracks and the river are awesome funnels. There are a few things to consider, treestands are often stolen once the leaves fall and they become visible, you have to rely on your eyes because you can't hear anything due too the highway noise.
Last theres nothing more frustrating than to have a huge buck coming towards you and have a car stop on the highway to check him out, all you can do is watch him run back where he came from.

BH, good perspectives, thanks! esp. about hunt with your eyes cause you can't hear much

have a friend that shot is best buck next to a bridge overpass, buck was coming out of a sanctuary heading to crop fields at last light and walked right by the stand at about 15 yards! another buddy takes some early season does for the freezer this way so he doesn't spook the bedding areas he will buck hunt!!!! SMART BUT NOW THE SECRET IS OUT :)

yes, this works. u will be amazed, a lot of deer will walk for a half-mile to go under a road and cross it. we have several stands naer culverts on a back road; the traffic there is bad enough though so I can't imagine hunting one near an interstate--bring your binoculars and your ear plugs, lol.

The noise from the highway also camo's your noise, plus I think the fumes from the highway help cover your scent.

I see the possibility for a new cover scent. "Interstate" blend. Mike, you should get on this.

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