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June 16, 2008


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Mike, you're full disclosure kind of sums up the way I now feel about Xbows. I used to not like the idea of them but through the many cyber arguments that have been had through your blog over the last couple of years my feelings have changed. So thanks to you Mike and fellow bloggers. This is a great way to express your feelings, we usually do it very respectfully lol, and allow others to see both sides of any argument from many different walks of life and form and/or change their own opinions.

That being said, I like the proposed bill. I'm not sure but I think that was an idea thrown around on the blog before, I maybe wrong. Seems like a good way to please both groups of hunters and also is a way to get new hunters, especially young shildren and -no offense ladies- but smaller women into the sport. Some people aren't strong enough to pull a vertical bow back with enough poundage to effectively kill a deer. Its a simple fact but allowing Xbows would allow these people to hunt more, love it more, and become obsessed like many of us are with it :)


shildren was supposed to be children. Mike you need to get an automatic spell check on here for stuff like that haha


Everytime this comes up, I say the same thing. The same argument against the crossbow is the same argument that was used against the compound 30+ years ago.

The compound didn't ruin bowhunting (in fact most would say it popularized it) and I feel crossbows would just add/keep more hunters hunting.

While I applaud LA's new law, I would have taken it a step farther and opened up the crossbow season on October 1.


Jim, Georgia agrees w/ you. During "Bow" season either vertical or xbows are allowed. Has not hurt one bit and like Mike said, we need more does harvested and youngsters out there!

Mike, Cody, jstreet and Mack, This is a sore subject with die hard archery hunters and I agree with all of you. While I know this will draw some fire, i'd accept it in VA. I do not see an impact since VA allowed the use of them here. As we have said before when the topic of Xbows came up, who cares, we are hunting!!!!

There are times and places for every type of season, and I think LA is doing it right.

This is a tough one boys. You guys out east have so much ground and cover (more importantly) to hide your unbelievable number of deer that you may not notice a change when crossbows come into the scene. But move that over to the western states and look out. The secret to the success is just what was written in the blog, a seperate, shared season. Remember boys, our archery hunting is merely a management tool to the powers that be, and the more efficient we become (i.e. more successful) the shorter or less liberal our seasons get. Most western states can concurr that fact through our history from just the last 2.5 decades. I don't care for the xbow and have no use for it, but if someone else does, then more power to them...who I am to judge and tell someone else what to hunt with. I am all for bringing others to the sport, too. But, most of you probably don't remember the impact the compound had in the archery hunting world of seasons, at least the younger generation. Now it is the norm. Be careful what you support, your kids will be hunting someday as well. Xbow advocates (i.e. the companies) have been trying to push Montana into sharing the bow season for years to push up profits. A petition was passed around once that would have closed millions (literally) of Private land open to hunters if it had passed. It failed. They are at it again, and someday they prob will succeed. We have a different geology than my eastern friends, and it would be a big loss for bowhunters alike if it happened. Maybe it works out east, and I hope for them it does, but our system fails to recognize the differences in our geology and the like when it comes to determining the impact of such an important decision.


My understanding is the maximum effective range of a crossbow is approximately 40 yards. A modern compound's range easily matches that, so how could a crossbow be an issue for hunting in the west?

You say the manufacturers are pushing to include the crossbow in the archery season and that a petition was pushed around to take away hunting land from hunters. How are the two intertwined? Are you saying that if the land is restricted there wouldn't be room for both the xbow and compounds?

Perhaps you could clarify?



I sort of agree w/Luke that the western states are a diff ballgame with regards to Xbow. There are not nearly as many whitetails or deer hunters out there. I mean who hunts elk or muley with Xbow? In this post I said this was good precedent for the "whitetail states," meaning Midwest to East Coast. This is the turf where the vertical/Xbow wars have always been fought. But even in the west I must disagree with my good friend Luke, I don't see the Xbow as a threat at all, and any type of hunting that gets more people involved is a good thing IMO.

how bout earn a bow next year you have to shoot a doewith a regular bow then go to xbow just like earn a buck

I agree with jstreet. I do not see the connection between the xbow and limiting the huntable properties. Can this be explained?

In my opinion, there is plenty of game to go around here in Indiana and I don't see a problem sharing camp with the xbow.

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