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June 08, 2008


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Very cool Hanback!

Looking forward to your interview with Senator McCain in your next post, Mike.

I wonder if O'bama will make himself available to the hunting/shooting media as well?


Congrats Hanback on getting the interview, impressive. curious to see how the Senator responds

That's very impressive Mike. Thanks for getting involved.

McCain already had my vote, but the things he stated above have solidified it.

Not like we have much of a choice...

McCain or Stalin-lite...

Very cool though, Mike. Well done.

Very nice, Mike! Like Dean, McCain already had my vote. In fact, he probably has most hunter's votes. The fact he still feels like it's important to make himself available to the hunting media is impressive. He might not understand why we hunt but at least he understands how important our support of him could be. In this election, that's good enough for me.

Jim, I bet Obama has no clue there even IS a hunting/shooting media.

Congrats Mike you must be doing something right! Im glad to see a person thats down to earth actually sit down with the republican nominee thats pretty impressive! At least us rednecks have a good representative.

Well done!
Speak volume for us outdoor people.
Like Jake mentioned, we are represented!

Thanks Mike, any way you could talk him into being his running mate??

Mike, thanks for being a good representitive for our life style,
and going the extra mile to have our voice heard


Fine representation of us. Thanks.

I like your "softball" question ... I'll be very interested to see the repsonse in your next post ... Glad to see the hunting public has allies in you AND Sen. McCain

Wow, Mike you've hit the big time. I can't wait to read your interview.

Mike, well done my friend!
Its great to have a guy like you representing all of us hunters out there. I like that last question you asked, i'll be looking for you next post. Like many others have already said, he already has my vote.

Mike Hanback for VP!

MIke- Congrats! You taking part was well deserved!
Can't wait to read the interview.!

Hey Mike, I too am very impressed. You always get right to the point! Its very strange not to see you in hunting drag though. LOL. Thanks for takeing care of us, as always.

Nice job Mike. I still think he is a little liberal for my taste; however, he represents the best we have to choose from. Looking forward to the following article.

Congrats, Mike for all you do. As Bill said above. Pretty liberal and I disagree with a lot he says, but I am glad he seems for us. Gee whiz- look at the alternative. It will be an interesting summer and fall.

Wow!!! Immpressive!!! Thanks Hanback!!! I look forward to Senator McCain's answer.


Man, that is fantastic that he included you in his private chat on his bus! I look forward to reading the full interview. Way to hit the big time.
I am now waiting by the phone to see when he will be in SC to pick me up...LOL

Mike, Very impressive!


Lamar owes me a cool $50 after Lamar's girlfriend Hillary didn't make the cut. Maybe your interview will push him into reality and to join the "McCain Train" in November. Keep up the fight.

Walter, right on! (wasn't that a phrase we used in the late 70s? lol)

Walter, I emailed you that check last week!

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