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June 25, 2008


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i have shot just about every new model and there are some great ones!!!

Smoothest- Bowtech General,or Diamond Marquis. fastest/radical PSE ? not sure model, (short one). best value Fred Bear (all models) or Parker. also look for the new Elite bow coming soon (G5). if you want a soid bow to keep for 10 years and a company that will be around, then as always Mathews DXT

I'm still shooting my 5 year old Martin Cougar that I bought used.

For the money, I would look real hard at the Bear/Primos Truth II. I've heard nothing but great things about that bow. Actually Bear has a few bows I would look at that are even less expensive than the Truth bow.

Hey, I worked in an archery shop the better part of 3 years through college, and i've tested a lot of bows and shot a lot a lot of arrows through the years. I'm telling you, of all the bows I've shot, there is no better shooter than the Mathews Switchback XT that came out in 2006. The perfect combination of smooth, quiet, and pretty good speed, by far the most accurate bow I've shot. Used you can find them now for about 450-550. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email me and we can chat. Talk to you later.

In response to flatlander, the general is a smooth bow, but its draw cycle, (pulling it back) is garbage, it flops over and it is slower than molasses. Also the marquee does not draw well either, it draws hard and the roller guard leaves the cables exposed, didnt like that one at all. PSE is fast (x-force etc) but has some hand shock and a small brace height... Remember a fast miss is still a MISS.

You should check out the Bowtech Guardian. I just bought one after shooting all the other competitors. This bow is very smooth, very quiet, plenty fast and I love it. I have been bowhunting for 21 years now and I would highly recommend it. The brace height is 7-1/8" and it is forgiving.

Dan, suprised at the comments on General and Marquis, both draw near simular you can tell how they draw by the shape of the cam ....i like that pull...(i have 3 bulged discs and one herniated disc) so smooth draw is my only critique, and i can pull both back real easy..... i have a old bowtech liberty and shoot gold tips at 64# and i consistently shoot 276 FPS. out of the 20 some mathews shooters i shoot with, none shoot actual speed through the Chronograph any faster than mine. their speeds are so exagerated in advertising. so not sure what slow is for you ..... PSE is the only one in real world hunting setup that is breaking the 300 more times than not
hoyt used to taunt 300+, but not with loops, string silencers, rest, 100 grain tips etc. it was a fairy tail

some don't like the bowtech stuff but several aren't crazy about mathews reinventing the same thing each year, good rep. company though..... not nocking that (no punn inteded)

i beleive if you and i had to agree on the same bow it would be the Bear Models...... and we'd actully have money left to drive to our huntin' spots

God bless have a great day!

I had a Fred bear xlt since 2004 and had no major complaints, but I bought the mathews dxt this march and what a differance! I shot the hoyt and pse before I bought the dxt (couldnt find a truth 2) and I came to the conclusion that its hard to buy a bad bow these days,its more personell preferance. I liked the mathews because it was short 29and 3/4 ata and was still forgiving with some speed. I sure do notice hand shock on other bows now that Ive been shooting the dxt. My brother bought the new katera and is happy with it. Its a little shorter on brace height but with their version of the sts it is supposed to not matter as much. One thing I did notice on the katera is it has stoppers on the cam that made a little click when you got to full draw other then that its a top notch bow. I wouldnt be afraid to go with any of the big 4 -mathews,hoyt,pse,or fred bear(nice price). Dont know much about bowtech so I cant give ya an opinion on them. Love my mathews and also loved my fred bear.

My two cents,

I bought a new Parker last year. It was a mid-priced bow less than $500.00 completely outfitted w/ sights, rest, quiver.

It's pretty fast, quiet, draws easily and (to this point) has been completely trouble free.

Matthews and Bowtech make fantastic products but if a person doesn't want to spend that kind of money, there are good bows that cost much less that will serve you quite well.

Go to your local shop and shoot a few bows, check out the archery forums on the net and read the posts from owners. Most will praise a product when good but if they had a bad experience you will definetly hear about it.


Thanks guys, I am impressed with your knowledge and sure Delvin will be too.

Martin Moab has alot of nice features and is very smooth it costs about 390+ tax up here not sure how much it is down in the States.
Darton Pro 3000 is one of the smoothest bows i have ever shot the only thing is a 6.5" brace height which isnt bad if youve shot alot but if your a beginer dont get anything less than 7" brace height. The Pro 3000 costs about 600 up here in Canada

Havning just had catastrophic bow failure myself, I had to buy a bow. It was an old bow, I've been looking for quite sometime.

"Budget" is an interesting term.

For me...it was shoestring. While my shooting and research led me to the PSE X-Force Dream Season, or a new Hoyt. "Budget" came into play however, and I had to look elsewhere.

I purchased a Reflex Growler, made by Hoyt. Virtualy the same bow as the Hoyts, much less price tag. Along these same lines, the Mission bows by Mathews, or even the Diamond bows by Bowtech, though more pricey overall than the other two are viable options, for the hunter who is a little more hamstrung than some of the affluent of our sect. All offer new, bare bows in the $400 range.

Hope that helps.

I've been shooting a used Matthews Feathermax for almost 4 years now. Abosolutely love it. Great bow and I think we only paid like 350 for it or something. My uncle and dad both shoot switchbacks. Know a couple of guys that shoot Hoyt's, not sure of the models, who really like them and one man who shots an older Fred Bear and he really likes it. Bought it new 7 or 8 years ago I think and has no desire for a newer one...


I should also say that in the last few years bow technology has come a LONG way.

Buying a "bad" bow these days is pretty tough. It really comes down to your preferences. More weight, longer brace height, more speed, brand preference, resale value, draw cycle, etc. etc...

The BEST thing you can do, is not rush your purchase, and SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT as many bows as you can get your hands on, I ended up buying a bow i had "written off"...


There is some great advice out there from the bloggers. I personally shoot a Mission X4 and really like it. It is made by Matthews as previously posted, and can be equipped at a very reasonable price. If budget is the big thing, I would stick to the Blue Collar bows out there like Mission, Reflex, Diamond, and Browning. These are all priced fair and made by very reputable companies. Don't rush, shoot a few, and find one that you are comfortable with. It shouldn't matter what your buddies shoot, or what the pros hype: When it boils down to it-its you and the prey when the time arrives. Good luck!

I really like my Bowtech Allegiance! Smooth and very accurate! Shot 275 fps with it too. Bought it last spring after having problems with my High Country Max Extream and you cant get it out of my hands : )

Shot some bows. You have to find what fits you and your budget. If you go to an archery shop vs the big outdoor stores there should be models from previous years and maybe some used bows. noc' them and try them :)

I've been shooting my Darton Maverick for 7 year and its been a great bow. Its never given me one problem since i've owned it. I'll be looking for a new bow next year to so its great to here everybodys comments. I have shot the BowTech General and it is a very smooth shooter. A couple of my friends shoot Matthews and they have shot the newer models to, they have been saying that the Switchback XT is still there best bow. I know you can still buy this bow brand new in some shops. I think the same as most guys have been saying, go to the shop and shoot alot of different ones, see witch one fits you best and go with that. I'll be doing this myself when i get a little closer to buying. I think im going to have a hard time not going with the Darton Pro 3000 just because i've had such good luck with my current Darton, but we will see after i shoot a few others. For budget price bows i would probably look at Mission, Reflex,Diamond, or the Truth II is well priced. Like everybody else said, hard to buy a bad bow there days. Buy the one that feels best to you.

I say Mathews.....I was always a PSE man but since I got my first Mathews, I have never looked back. Spend a little more now and it will serve you well for years.....Since I started shooting a Mathews my effective range has increased by 10 yards!!

hoyt vtec came out in 2005 shoots great and since its few years older it runs in the same price as the bears but with hoyts quality its a great pick being from wisconsin their is alot of pressure to shoot a mathews but never really got the chance to shoot em and the money for a new one is out of the question so iod ont even look love hoyt puts em down

bowtech guardian. worth the price.

You guys are all awesome, but WAY OFF THE MARK!!!! Our brother needs to get him the best recurve made on the planet. Go to http://www.robertsonstykbow.com and go crazy. I suggest a 60-62", 55#+, three piece takedown, Vision Falcon. You can't go wrong and you will fall in love with the trad bow. If you buy one and practice with it, I'll take you hunting on my place on the Milk River for some pig-headed whitetails...deal? Ok, let the slop fly, boys! Shoot straight!

Luke, if you're offering a a/e/p trip to hunt your place to anyone who buys a recurve and gets profficient at it, youve got a taker!! $900 is a lot of money for a bow in my opinion but its still cheaper than than paying for the hunt, licenses, air fare or gas to get out there....let me know when I'm scheduled buddy!!


Luke, Does that offer go for me too? :) I will buy the $$$$ non-resident! :) Take care!


try the Parker Safari X-bow with the simmons 3 dot scope, deadly combination!

Wow, this is great response – I can certainly tell I am hearing from folks who know a thing or two about bows. If you have any input on accessories, rest & sight, I would appreciate that as well.

Ummmm...I may have bitten off more than I can chew here! Shoot, if I could have you all out I would. Cody and Dave, which states do you hail from?
Delvin-forget the accessories and sights, brother! Shoot instinctive and practice, you'll love it!

Easton Full Metal Jacket is one of the hardest hitting carbon/hybrid arrows.I've taken 3 bucks last two years and all with complete pass threw & sticking in the ground. I'd go with a fall away rest,Vital Gear Kaz-away is a great rest. It holds the arrow in place at idle, at release it will fall away with minimal contact,nice and quiet. Lot of good sights out there, i've been using a RED DOT sight for over 10 years. I dont think i will ever go back to a pin sight, but they are not cheap. Great for low light conditions,no peep sight needed, shoot with both eyes open, great sight.
Good luck, have fun!

But! I will leave all of this alone and pick up a new recurve to be able to hunt with you Luke on you ranch! I saw Hanback hunting your ranch on TV, looks like a great time! Hunting whitetails on the ground is intense!

I forgot to say THANK-YOU!!! to all for your advice. Luke my thoughts should be coming your way in an e-mail Mike will forward to you.

I forgot to say THANK-YOU to all for your advice!! Luke I hear you - My thoughts are in an e-mail Mike will hopefully forward to you. THANKS!!


If you still wish to go with a compound bow, I say keep is simple with accessories.

A simple 3 pin sight and a whisker biscuit rest suit me just fine. I like a detachable quiver (I hang mine in the tree when hunting). I do use a peep sight, but it has a large aperture so I can still see through it a dusk/dawn.

Good luck with your choices.


Roger the instinctive Luke. I shoot a 57 recurve and have for over 40 years. PRACTICE

Luke, I live in Central Va...not really expecting anything just wanted to see what kind of response I got, but I still wouldn't pass up a free hunt!!


sight--i would recommend a vertical pin sight...its amazing how much more open your sight picture is with one, i'll never go back...


stab--s-coil, it does the job...

just my .02 again...

I currently live in Eastern PA where I have been for the last year. I grew up in MD and thats where I still do all my hunting :). I am moving to the Jersey shore the end of July.

Take care buddy!


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