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June 17, 2008


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interesting, but $230? think I'll just keep throwing mine in the truck bed, lol

Are there two models??? One for antlered and another for non-antlered deer?

Otherwise, this is a nice , portable concept.

Great idea, i'de buy one for about $30.....
what is the world coming to .....$200+ what a rip. i can get a coleman cooler for under $50 or a water proof duffel for under $50
i quess someone thinks this idea will make them a millionare.....

remember when?..... early 90's my first bow was $25 used (bear) with quiver and a few arrows..... complete camo/ boots at surplus store for under $80. me and 2 other buddies split a pack of 3 broadheads because our parents weren't footing the bill..... now kids are driving $30,000 trucks to high school and don't even know what a job is

i guess i am getting old..... times were great in the good old days when life was simple


X2 Flatlander!

I can see merit in the idea.

Having said that, I'm just too cheap to buy it!


This thing is cool and a great idea, but for $200 i dont think so. If it was about half that i might think about it. I'll probably stick with my tarp & some bungee cords. Flatlander good call, i remember when i bought my last bow about 6 years ago, Darton Maverick, cost $500 back then and that was up there on the top end. Now your looking at $700 ta $800 plus, which im in the market to buy one this year or next for sure. Old Darton has been good to me though, 6 buck since i've had it, not sure if i'll stick with Darton or look towards another brand.

I remember my first rifle, a Winchester .270 model 70, cost $100 plus a $35 Bushnell scope, cost $135. I killed many a deer with that rifle.
$200 for a bag to put your deer in? I don't think so. Besides, I butcher my own at the lease and bring the meat to the locker plant.
Hell of a good idea though. Wish I'd thought of that.

showing off your deer as you drive down main street is part of the hunting experience why take it away? my dad took me to the bar @ 13 when i shot my first buck the experiecne of all the grown guys checking out your first buck and shaking your hand and congradulating you is one of my favorite outdoor memories

RODGER, want to double your money on that ole model 70 i'll give you $200 for it :)
just kidding, if your like me you'll be buried with it......

i will bet your pretty darn accurate with it...... a .270 old Win. mod 70 is the CAT's MEOW!!

The more I got to thinking about it, I bet human body bags aren't $200. Take the camo off and make them brown, I bet they would be $29.95!

Just checked their website.....noticed a
universal bag.....good for both antlered and anterless deer. (duh) I'm liking this
cooler bag more and more!

I checked out the website www.trophybagkooler.com and the prices are $189 for a regular bag and $209 for a large bag. It is for animals with and without antlers. I think it's a great idea. I intend to buy one for my husband. He saw it and wants one. He says one saved deer in our extreme heat here in Oklahoma would be well worth the money!

Lisa, thanks for checking the prices, I saw 230 somewhere, but 189 is better...yes, I can see the big merit in hot weather hunting, glad you're getting him one!!

Bushnell Rifle Scopes have always done the job I've dropped mine quite a few times never had a problem

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