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June 30, 2008


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That looks interesting. I was just looking at pruners over the weekend. Might have to take a look at this one.

That's kind of a neat idea! I wonder how much the whole thing weighs?


looks awesome, i would like to have a 3-4 footer that extends to 12 foot though.....
that would be worth its wait in gold!!!!
i and i would carry it all the time!!
i am a huge advocate of pruning lanes, i would rather over prune than under prune... some of my buddies disagree, but i hate to watch a shooter walk by when i could have had a shot :)

my uncle would love that he "trims" shooting lanes in our marsh last year he cut em so wide you could drive an f-150 thru lol the only probelm was he did it 3 days before gun season unlike my dad and i who have bow stnads done and shottign lanes trimmed in july

This will definetly go in my pack for those clandestine, spur of the moment set-ups. They go hand in hand with the portable
tree stands when confronted with slight pattern changes or trail switching. I use to take my packable saw and clip it to a pre-cut stick and go at it....to much noise and ruckuss.....so this one is the ticket!

Good idea! I've been using one similar to this for the last 10 years or so. The one i have will screw together with metal bars kind of like a gun cleaning rod, extends to about 11' and will break down to fit in a back pack or even in your pocket. Light and portable is great, got ta keep those shooting windows open. I like to have as many as possible without clearing out the woods. They don't have to be very big, just big enough that i can get a arrow threw to the body of the deer.

With over 50 treestands to trim shooting lanes for, I am truly tired of carrying that pole saw in the Rhino and not breaking it off on trees. And there really is those ones I miss that I could use this for in real-time situations. Thanks for the tip Mike.

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