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June 26, 2008


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I agree Mike, it's great news! It also illustrates how divided this court is and thus how important who the next president will be.

But for today, let's just enjoy the sweet taste of victory!


Ummmm.. it's not really as good as you would think. DC gets to have Registered Pistols. Yay. But the following leaves us completely open to an outright AWB:

“The term was applied, then as now, to weapons that were not specifically designed for military use and were not employed in a military capacity.”

“Putting all of these textual elements together, we find that they guarantee the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation.”

“Thus, we do not read the Second Amendment to protect the right of citizens to carry arms for any sort of confrontation, just as we do not read the First Amendment to protect the right of citizens to speak for any purpose.”

The above means "confrontations with/against the Government... where EBRs might be useful".

The Screw is still turning. And it will start turning harder & faster for EBRs now.

The following also indicates the Court's willingness to accept and support Gun Registration:

“In sum, we hold that the District’s ban on handgun possession in the home violates the Second Amendment, as does its prohibition against rendering any lawful firearm in the home operable for the purpose of immediate self-defense. Assuming that Heller is not disqualified from the exercise of Second Amendment rights, the District must permit him to register his handgun and must issue him a license to carry it in the home.”

Again, Government Permission required to exercise a Right. Not good.

Jim, I agree with you on SCOTUS, every ruling is 5-4 one way or the other, not doubt SCOTUS has become as political and ploarized as the rest of the county; people better think long and hard about the next president they elect because he will nominate 2 or 3 and swing the court big-time; btw, a lot of people don't know that Obama voted against Chief Roberts--how political is that? Senators are supposed to vote on whether the man or woman is qualified, not because of politics. To say Roberts is not qualified is a disgrace and to vaote against him is a bigger disgrace.

I'm sure this ruling has some problems and gray area, but it finally proclaims our INDIVIUAL right to own and carry

Bryan, while I agree that there are still tons of reasons to worry about the future of gun ownership (all guns) in our great country, this is a good decision. No, it's a great decision. For all of us. If for no other reason than it's a pro-gun victory. We haven't had many of those in my lifetime.

As for the registered pistols, it sucks. I completely agree with your point that we shouldn't need permission to exercise our constitutionally protected rights. But, it's still better than what was already in place in DC. Let's hope some of the other similar laws in San Fran and Chicago fall as well.

This is great! never would have thought that this would pass. It usually seems that when there is a foot in the door from anti-gunners & anti-hunters they continue to keep grabbing more and more. To have this bounce back in the favor of gun owners and hunters is almost unbelevable in this day.

let me share the perspective on gun laws in IL./chicago from a down stater.... we (sportsmen, women, shooters, vetrans, honest hard working, tax paying citizens) from this area don't give 2 hoots to say it nicely about what Chicago does or thinks. we will always have the firearms passed down from generations of ancestors who risked life and limb to preserve this country. Gun laws in IL. are a joke and only the criminal is protected hear. but some of us backwoods rednecks don't thnik we will follow suit with the slanted views of the Chicago milarchy, laws or not.....
too redneck for ya ...... wait til you go to southern IL and get there views..... wow lookout Chicago you may end up your own state before long :)

as for me i am going to pu a new Springfield XD in .45 acp with 2, 13 round clips when i get off work tonight......why because i can (until the election) and it will be nice to give my grand kids someday.......

remember laws are made by those that "can" and are willing to enforce. other than that they are just grand notions of the uninformed.........

lets forget about politics and get back to what is good in this world "whitetails" :)

i think they reliazed if they passed the law their would be a bunch of pissed of gun owners that would in some or most cases go down fighting i know i would.
god bless america...for now.

those nine are powerful people. lots to think about today.

WOOO YA only 2 months to bow season up here in manitoba so im gonna start looking for my bachelor groups out there and maybe cut some trails with are new brushmower throw the willows and cut a little clearing in there and seed some corn its gonna be s good season i can feel it coming on

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