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June 06, 2008


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Mike, Watch out. The bow hunting thing can get obsessive. When you consistently can get within 100 or so yards, you will say to yourself, well this would be over right now if I had my Muzzle Loader or Rifle with me. THEN, your hunt begins. It's like two hunts for the price of one. I know there is a great feeling to knock them over with a gun, but the bow is a whole different hunt. Best of luck. Hey, those big Mulies get DROP TINES too. I'm going to let you BORROW my horse shoe this year for your drop tine. Silverback

That's sounds like an awesome hunt, Mike! Don't forget to bring some kneepads for all that crawling.

Good luck on your hunt and looking forward to your bow review too!


Mike, now you have your mission, a drop tine mule deer!

Mike: Aren't the perks great in your biz?
If you're not comfortable over 30 yds with every shot don't take his advice to stretch it just 'cause they are big bodied...what would you think of yourself if it went nasty??????
Save some fun for the Saskatoon Inn :>) TM

Big Daddy, did you have to mention it? Ahhhh, the Saskatoon Inn. It's been 15 years since I've been there. Actually, I stopped there for my first ever hunting trip back in 1992. We were told we would have heated stands and T-bone steaks every night. We actually sat on spackle buckets and had greasy meals, But the hunting was GREAT. Chitek Lake, was awesome.

I hope to be able to shoot out to 40 -45 for mule deer. It is open country and they are not nearly as jumpy/spooky as a whitetail. anybody who has read me for long knows that I do not advocate much if any past 30 for whitetail--remember when I skewered that guy for taking an 80 shot and killing that buck with a neck shot, I could hardly believe that! But back to muley--I have talked with a lot of guys who live out west and shoot out to 60 for them; I am not that good and would never shoot that far, but if I can get good out to 45 we'll see. You can bet your ass I'll use my rangefinger hard and a lot before shooting. The best part of my conversation with Terry was when he said, "Of course in the end it is up to you, I would never try to push a guy into taking a shot he is not comfortable with." He sounds like my kind of guy and I think we'll hit it off and get a kick-ass show and hopefully a monster, we'll see.


Are you shooting rage broadheads this year?


yes, the 2-blade, actually I have a post about a buck I shot with it last year to do, been meaning to get it up, awesome pictures of the hole it cut. that guy Terry Scott and I talked at length, he's a big bowhunter. I asked him about mechanicals and he liked them, esp. the rear deploying blades like Rage. I think G5 too, maybe?

Shooting long range......... our local 3D shoots started a 60 yard money shoot at the end of our course 2 years ago..... everyone said that is way to far... by the end of summer 1st year it took 2" from center to take the money. last year you had to be under 5/8" to win...... and most everyone had a sixty yard pin and shot within a 5"
group..... plenty good. this year we moved it to 70 yds and people are howlin! how we supposed to hit that ...... after 4 shoots
it takes under 2" to win......only about 4-5 out of 25 get close but it does show how accurat a guy can be with practice.....
my bow loses lots of energy after 60 yards
but i am confident to 50 by about august each year.... so each person must set their own limit some it is only 20 some is 50 niether group ought to judge the other

I shot the Rage 2-blades last year. I really liked the way they flew (at targets since I didn't shoot a deer:(

I didn't like the way the Rages rattled around in my quiver, though (anyone else have this problem?). But I think that was due to the foam I had in there. I'm going to change the foam out and put in rubber instead. A buddy did that with his and made the noise go away.

But, with the way that the last years G5 Tekans are being discounted on Cabela's with the updated ones out, I might try them out. Can't beat the price.


A couple of years ago the local BassPro was selling "last years" tekan @ discount prices because a new model came out. Is this years model the third generation? If so, I wonder what changes were made to the design and why?



Keep us posted on the bow and good luck on the western muley hunt.

PS...you may want to add some weight to the
lower portion of the bow for stability purposes. Some of the lighter bows dance around easier during the anchoring and sighting sequence. A smooth and steady release / follow-thru is desired at those distances.


Mike you got a tough gig son! Good luck chasing that big muley Ive hunted them out in WY with the rifle and had a blast. I think youll like that bow, I shot one before I bought the DXT and thought it was very nice! Just curious why you chose that over the x force ? Brace height or wanna shoot what your buddies Terry and Mark use I sure love their stuff, got the dream season scentblocker suit last year and love it. It sure made a believer out of me about the scentblocker suits and odor retention.Just need to take good care of it and recharge it when your supposed to. I also did shoot the 2 bladed rages this past year and between my brother and myself weve got 5 deer and 2 turkeys with them. Cant believe the entrance hole. I think I remember Mark drury saying after a neck shot with them that thats why they use the biggest cutting diameter broadheads they can accuratly shoot because if your not spot on the blades can save ya. I also had problems with them opening up in my quiver but was happy with everything else about them.Good luck Mike and if you need another camera man or bowman let me know:-)


Good luck on your muley hunt. I've got a better idea though. Stalk within 100 yds and pull out your 7mm mag, 150 gr corlockt and put one through his neck. Dead deer, no follow up. I like neck shots.

Flatlander: do those 60-70 yd targets take a step or two between release and impact????? between lungs and guts????
Hell we used to shoot golf rounds 100-150 yds all the time...little or nothing to it once you had the range and we didn't use sights or compounds back then either.

Awesome Mike! BTW- any way to tell how big a buck should be now to know where he is heading? branched out already or over 10 inches in mainbeam? I have a buck on my parents place that I saw yesterday that was started to "turn the corner" and had brows and g-2's already forming. Similar in body size to the 4 other bucks it was with but the other bucks were around 5-8 inches in main beams and no pts yet. just wondering....

Can you give us a review on those Edg binocs also? Just looked them up @ bass pro - $ 2,000 but they look awesome.

Jim, I used to know what the difference was. A buddy from work was at ATA show this year and told me. I'll try and remember to find out tomorrow.



Any news / update on the bow??

I see that PSE has a few other X-Force
models having blazing arrow speeds.

With the new bows, arrows, and broadheads,
the archery technology is moving at warp speed!


Hey mike what made you pick Terry's place

Randy, I have never hunted muley in Alberta, but this hunt was suggested by a booking agent/hunt consultant I often use, Jim Riley. I called and talked to Terry at lenght and really got a good first impression of him and what he told me about the country and the bucks, so I decided to go for it!

Syfert, I have not used the edge binos yet but will all fall and do a detailed writeup then

watch that buck!!

Hey Mike I thought the same thing when I talked with him. I'm usually a pretty good judge of character! sounded like a good guy I'm thinking about going in 09 got this year full.

Hmmmm the pressure is on! I know the talk happens but to sit back and read it is very interesting. I am very excited to have Mike up here hunting this fall and I feel bad for him at the same time. I know he is going get hooked like a little boy on X-box and Pez. Spot and stalk is addictive. Doug is right. you will need some light leather gloves for stalking and Volley ball knee pads are the best as the foam they use does not scrunch in the dry grass. Did I tell you we have some cactus up here.....Silverback is right! A drop tine is in order. Should I post the scouting pictures here?


I dont know what Terry told you about the hunt but what ever he tells you listen. He is probably the best mule deer hunter you will ever meet. I was one of Terry's guides for a few years.You will have the best muledeer hunt money can buy.All of the shots that you will take up there will be ranged by Terry so you can just worry about the shot.This year is looking great up here for deer.We have had a lot on rain which grew great horn last year. I have seen a deer that I was watching last year (200"+)and he is going to be bigger than last year.I hope that the hunt turns out well for you and you get the footage you want and also the deer you want.


Terry, you're killing me man, can't wait!

Justin, thanks for checking in, looking forward to the hunt!

If you want to hunt big massy typical or non mule deer than alberta is the right place for you. I guide for an outfitter east of calgary and I also hunt there myself. This past year on opening day for one of my hunters he downed a monster massy 4x4 that green scored 188 3/8 net. After he had shot the big on he and I had drove around for the last 3 days of his hunt taking pics of other big deer and there was at least 4 more that he said he would have shot that would have scored in the high 170 to mid 180 range. He took home a cranker and alot of quality pictures to look at till he comes again next year.

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