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June 24, 2008


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I never had much time to go look myself due to a college course and other busy work. I only found a couple during mushroom season that were already chewed up.

I will concur with Robert about bucks holding their racks later than normal. Usually shedding happens sometime between Christmas and the first of April here, but this year I saw fully racked bucks into April...which is kind of strange.

Shed antler hunting dogs are way cool. Hey, they don't call them "man's best friend" for nothing.

Cool dog Shedhead! What is her name?

I found about 25 this year. All in a post season scouting trip to Kansas in early march. Nothing really that big, maybe some 60 inch stuff but thats about it.

We found two dead 8pts and a couple of does here in Michigan, no drops though. Mabey the late drops had do do with it because we were looking in Jan. & Feb. My uncle did see a buck that had dropped his antlers this passed Dec.

I found 16 here in NW Ohio this spring. A few times that I went looking I ran into bucks that were still carrying both sides (late March). The best day I had was on Good Friday when I found a 65" 4 point side and a 78" 6 point side within 2 hours.

I found around 200 this season, not complaining, but it was a tough shed hunting season as the open winter allowed the deer to feed in the big Montana fields rather than yarding up on the riverbottoms and staying there throughout most of the day. Sheds were really spread out. I didn't find any monsters this year, but know they are in there, I am just blind! They held on to thier horns later than usual this year here as well, I blame it on the mild winter with the severe cold not hitting until later than usual. I had found around a dozen dead bucks. I had a friend find the other side to a buck that I have had the shed to for 2 years, so that was cool. He found it over a mile away. Nice 5x6 buck that I had an encounter with during the season. Kind of neat to see my fresh shed that has been kept inside and see how the other aged outdoors in two years. We are lucky here with little varmint chewing of sheds.

Just in case your curious, I average about a shed an hour during shed-hunting season, so that gives you an idea how much walking I do for those buggers. I could go a day or two and not find one then have an hour and find 20. Those are the days I like!

Luke, to heck with the dog...I want YOU to go shed hunting with. LOL!!

Good doggy....good! Now, here's your biscuit!!

Would you go shed hunting for beer?

Sorry brother!!

i havent gotten into sheds. but this website is sweet for shed hunters buckonatruck.com, it makes custom decals for trucks of the exact shed. And also full blown custom whitetail, mulies, and elk.

I only found one small 5 point shed, but this year he might be nice, especially for some heavily pressured public ground. My dog found two dead antlered bucks; one a little spike and the other a big 6 point, well big for a 6 point my friend estimated ~130 gross. Which brings me to a problem I have with the laws, that area is in a 4 point to a side minimum for a buck. This deer was obviously mature and probably only ever going to be a 6 pointer so why I would be breaking the law if I shot him!? The purpose of the law is to protect young bucks and allow them to grow and mature which obviously this deer was, isn't there a better way to make the laws so you could shoot a mature deer no matter how many points...isn't that the goal?

some serious changes would happen if body characteristics where monitored rather that antler points.

but at the same time, if i want to allow a small buck for my pastor's son (I dont have kids yet) to harvest, cant i dictate that as a landowner? or even on public land?

found around 20 this year in kansas. 300acres/private land with no hunting allowed. lots of sets. also found several dead deer with and without antlers. old couple that own the land said they have seen a cougar and her cubs on the property. i probably could have found more if i weren't so busy watching my back. good year though. they dropped them late in kansas as well.

hardcore shed hunter Chris from Iowa sent me this: Mike it was a great year size wise, numbers were down from years past but I did manage to find 112 this past spring with 46 of them scoring over 60”. My two biggest typicals were an 81” 5 point and an 84” 6 point. I’m looking forward to this fall that’s for sure.

I only found 3 halfs-1 two and half and 2 year and halfs I would guess. I put alot of miles on but could not find em. Here in WI we had alot of snow which made it hard and late then all that snow turned to water so that made it tough.....so Im gonna blame my blindness on that:-) I walked a 300 acre tract that I just started hunting last year, I know theres alot more antlers laying out there I just couldnt find them. Sure learned alot about the land and the way deer use it while I was out roaming around so it was worth the effort none the less.

Yea Dean...Coors Original!

only found a dead 6 pt this year. Hey Mike, that Coors original sound like anyone we know??????

Luke, I should've known it was Coors...being from the West and all!

Have beer...Will Travel!!

You have an awesome thing going Robert!

Mike, My Yellow lab found 1 assisted shed and 3 unassisted sheds this past March.

Unfortantly all training has stoped for now. She has a Ring Fixitor on her front right leg and will get one on her front left leg in 6 weeks. I will send you an email and maybe you can blog it?


Syfert, i am a lab lover, what happened to your dog?

Chris, She injured her front growth plates as a puppy from what I am told. That is the main reason a large breed dog crushes its growth plates in their radius right at the ankel. She is 9 months old and going through a bunch.

The brace she is fitted with was made for childeren. Its expensive but she's my little girl. Maybe Big Daddy can shed some light on the subject?

Take care Chris.

I forgot to mention- When the radius growth plate shuts down and the ulna keeps growing the tilt the wrist. The wrist and elbo joint are supposed to be parallel.


I never shoot running game with a rifle, not even rabbits! As I have seen others do it and gut shoot animals, it must be painful? I only have to think about it, not to do it. I wiped the lens, zoomed in, turned the flash off and snapped. Only once as the deer turned and looked in my direction, not to fussed because it continued to chew on a mouthful of grass. Of the two things that had stopped the deer from bolting, one would become a blessing the other severely irritating. The first thing was the trees; they had been the cover that now would block any sort of attempted shot. The distance I estimated was between 100 – 130 meters and in any gully there are plenty of trees to fill that space. The blessing was the rain and its effect on the trees. Every time the breeze would blow the large droplets would fall and hit the fallen leaves making loud popping sounds.

this year i only found about 20 in northern utah all mulies all on public land most are pretty small but a couple larger ones. my dog just had pups and im planning on training one to shed hunt nut im not sure how early i should start em

I just got my new pup and am wanting to train her. (The main reason I got a 3rd dog)and just want to start her off right. I found about 20 sheds last year. any tips are appreciated

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