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June 27, 2008


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Not a thing wrong with traditional gear. If Delvin or Luke or anyone else uses it, I admire the hell out of the commitment it takes to shoot it well.

To be honest, I can take my compound out after 5 or 6 months of not shooting it at all and put arrows in the black dot of my block target all day @ 25 yards. I couldn't do that shooting traditional gear.

Longbow, recurve, compound or crossbow. Whatever it takes to keep hunters in the woods, I say go for it!

Have a good weekend all,


I can appreciate the trad. guys..... it's how i started (i am naturally a lefty) a left hand bear recurve was all i could find when i was a kid so that is what i started with (shot my first deer with it.... spike...scores about 10 inches..... boy was i proud) the next season i was hunting with a local whitetail guru next to a sanctuary that surrounds a lake, no hunting in the area. The host who had invited me told me of a 10, 12 and a 14 with double drops he had been seeing ........... i said yah right!!! we pulled in the drive and a 150" 10 point crossed the drive in front of us......i was a believer then. shortly after day light came up the 14 with double drops came in, in the fog and stood at 45 yards for several minutes.....i almost cried. when i got back home i bought the first compound i could find and stared shooting right hand and practicing out to 50 yards.......i still stay proficient to 50 for that very reason (the buck though many points wasn't tall and woudl have only scored in the 140's but the drops made it!! and the dark old rounded horns were like nothing i had seen at the time..........
still can't make myself go to the woods with a stick bow. can't miss out on another opt. like that....... most of my shots are from 35 to 45 yards, we hunt mostly open field fence rows and deer know how far most hunters can shoot!

Luke, that's an awesome buck with any bow much less a long bow. Love the old school duds as well!

Hey Mike, when do the new shows start on Versus? Couldn't find anythign on the versus site. Thx.

Luke, You're the man!

Hey, you ever order anything from Three Rivers here in Ashley, Indiana? The shop is a few miles from my place here.

I have several friends who are "traditional" archers. My hat is off to all of them. I admire the hell out of you guys!!

Mike you forgot to mention the most exciting news of the week!! Luke is giving away free hunts!!!! lol

Cody, you're kill'n me! LOL! Dean, I order a pile of stuff from three rivers, forgot they were in your area. The biggest reason I here from all the bowhunters I speak with thoughout the year is that the they just don't have enough time to put in the practice with trad gear. Jim, I know you are telling the facts, bro. I witnessed a slug come to hunt in this area a few years ago, who dusted off his bowcase and pulled out his compound. When asked how long its been since he shot it, he replied "Oh, little better than two years". I was shocked. He put the first 6 arrows in the bullseye at 30 and said he was ready to hunt. I say slug, not only because of the lack of practice he has done in two years, but also that he put so much trust into his bow and its components that it didn't need inspection and such. He held it for a few minutes before he went hunting with it. He was just going to spit an arrow at a buck with no regard to assuring he do his best to offer a clean kill. I am in no way comparing him to you, Jim. I would have to guess the majority of modern compound hunters do exactly what you do. At least most of the fella's I guide admit just that.
Hunting with a longbow and recurve is certainly a commitment to accepting a larger challenge. The reward is in the time one spends in such close proximity to the game being hunted. It really emphasizes on the experience, and not whether or not I could have killed it with another hunting tool. Instead of being dissappointed on an oppurtunity that could have turned out differently, I am greatful for the oppurtunity to witness it. I do believe most of you could relate, huh? Nearly 100% of the hunts I guide are with brothers who shoot compounds. Most of them make my job pretty darn easy with the accuracy they have. I still have rules on maximum yardage for a shot, though, and most of them already had that placed on themselves. I always remember that it isn't the hunting tool one uses, it is how he uses it in regards to his ethics and such. The good guys are certainly in the majority of our hunting brotherhood, regardless of what the media or news shows us. Shoot straight boys!


I was just referring to the first time I shoot after a layoff. Between now and October 1, I will shoot a few arrows everyday.

I shoot from the ground and from elevated platforms to try and ready myself for the season.

The point I was making is how different it is to shoot a compound vs a recurve and how much more of a year round committment a longbow or recurve is.


I knew what you meant, buddy. Most of you fella's will be shooting like crazy the next few months 'till season. I hope we all get the chance to make it pay off! Isn't it crazy how season creeps up on us, no matter how long we've been doing it?

Luke, you're right on the money with what you wrote! I've never tried to shoot a longbow, myself. Unless you count my son's toy one I was missing my full body goose deocys with yesterday (at 5 yards). lol. If it's that hard to shoot a longbow, I should stay away.

It is amazing how fast hunting season comes up on us now. When I was a kid, it seemd like it would NEVER get here. That last month was unbearable. Now, there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything ready for the season.

Mike, I am not so sure about your prediction, you almost make it sound like Luke will put me under a spell or hypnotize me & I will wake up a traditional archer. Any other warnings about this GUY!! Just kidding Luke – I am still awaiting the details of your offer.

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