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May 08, 2008


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I add that a lot of guys are getting some pretty remarkable hunting footage w/family-type consumer camcorders that cost way less than 5 grand, but Randy said that $$$ really was not much of an object. I get this question a lot, and the review that Jon wrote is the BEST I've ever seen. You could take this post into an electronics store and walk out with a high-dollar setup that will shoot hunting footage ready for TV. I also confirm that the Sony Jon is holding in the photo costs 100K; everytime he asks me to hold it while he is climbing into a blind or something, I put a death grip on it! I refuse to touch it near water like that Sask. lake in the picture lol.

Mike when you get the new site up and going i would love to see a forum just on shooting video.......advice from pro's and ametuers alike would be nice.......i have been videoing for 4 years and still have volulmes to learn but anybody that knows anything pretty well keeps it to themselves or offers a class for $2500 on how to operate your current camera (i can read my own owners manual)

this wood be a great forum or even a weekly post on the blog would be appreciated

thx, just think those drop tines will be developing in the next few months :)

Matt, the new site will have a full blow forum I think and we can make one of the sections/threads videoing, maybe people can send in clips as well as advice and such. Thanks for the support, drop tines will popping down big time soon. just booked into SE Kansas for early Dec, maybe there he is :)

Dont do it unless you have training with the equitment. Go take a film making course at a local community college or buy a book. because if you have a high-dollar set up, it will only be more clearly worse than making it better footage.
It is like buying a 10,000 dollar gun and 5,000 scope and expecting to shoot like a Marine. You need training.

Gotta say, that is good advice about the training, though the good news is that cameras today, even high-dollar ones, are pretty easy to use and run. All of the guys I film with on Versus are highly trained pros who ahve shot for Discovery, Nat Geo, etc., but a lot of guys filming for other shows have only basic traing or are even self-taught. Certainly could not hurt to take a course or 2 at summer school!

I run a PD-170 which is good and also a HDR-FX7 which produces great footage for the price. IF any one is interested in Pat Reeves Camera school this August drop a message. It is a great class and helps you with every aspect of videoing and is in great Buffalo County WI. Also I have a Cannon XL1 for sale which is pro quality with great features to send your average video you may be use to seeing over the top. It has filmed a few hunts on Prime Time Bucks for H.S. and Drury outdoors. If you want some specs and price get ahold of me. Cant waitt for the new site.

I know you can get some great action footage with the average digital video cameras these days. If you are going to guy one just for hunting and do not want to spend a fortune, I would suggest spending between $1,000 and $2,000 and you should get some great hunting footage. Then, when you can spend a little more, this hunting video camera will make a great supplemental hunting video camera.

A great resource is http://www.bestforhunting.com/?page_id=514 where they list updated lists of the best video cameras for hunting that are broke down into different price ranges.

Check it out and remember that you get what you pay for.

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