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May 29, 2008


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i Have on Cabela's Deer Season 2006 lol :>

I like that wit!!

Never have but that will nedd to change soon!!

That is one beautifull animal! I wonder if they rutt like a whitetail, and if so when? Does there neck swell? Do they grunt? When we were turkey hunting last month we called up an emu, the land owner said he did not know of an emu farm or any one that had any in the area. If I would've had my bow I would've slid one through him, but I had the cheater stick.

I have heard they are fantastic eating...

They taste just like chicken.

I killed a 30 inch axis on a 5000 acre ranch in Florida 2 years ago. Axis deer are rated the best deer to eat by far and oh indeed they are. He was around 180 lbs. I think I covered all 5000 acres to catch up with him. They never seem to stay still. Theyre always on the move. They're really a magnificent animal.

I took one on the Brady Ranch in July of 2005.
There are always some with hard horns, some in velvet and some that have just shed. It's a year round occurance without regard to season. The does can come into heat at anytime during the year, so there's almost always a chase going on.
They are a herd animal and prefer the middle of huge fields. They "Bark" like a whitetail's "snort-wheeze" at danger, but the guides said that they really don't notice much vocalization like grunting.
They graze like cattle and don't eat browse like whitetail. Mine is pictured here:


The narrative is the story behind it. I was on ESPN a couple of years ago as a contestant with Wayne Pearson on "Ultimate Outdoors".

The Axis deer do have delicious venison. and they are a little bigger than a mountain whitetail. The antlers can be MUCH bigger.

TDHoward, Thanks for answering my questions, very informative!

By the way, took a look at your deer, nice.

Never killed one but I've seen plenty. Seems like they're just not as flighty as Whitetails. Last ones I saw grazed within 50 yards of me and I couldn't even chase them off.

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