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May 23, 2008


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I'm gonna have to drive less (LOL) and save some $$$ to get me one of those. that would be awesome to kill a buck, though I'd prob choose .308

This "over 50 something" will stick to bolts for hunting. The ARs are fun to shoot an I own a couple but not for hunting.

Cool looking gun, looks like it would be fun to do some shooting with. I think i would stick with my bolts for hunting though. Ya know, on second thought it might be fun to hunt with!

i think it is going to take people some time to get used to the military look of that gun for hunting since we're so used to seeing bolts--but after that it's just a 7mm-08 semi, same cartridge you'd shoot in a bolt. i for one can't wait to see hanback shoot a deer with it, maybe the drop :)

Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure it will be a hoot to shoot.


My dad just spent a bunch of money on a S&W AR-15 in .223. He may have considered this to deer hunt with had he known about it. He and my brother have shot it right much and love it, I, on the other hand, don't particularly care for the "black guns". Looks to military for me. Sure they're fun to shoot but I like the looks and feel of a bolt or lever action better. One the R-25 sure would make you feel stealth as hell in the woods though!! lol


i hate to fit into a steryotype but being under 50 i would love to tot that thing in the deer woods. i was the first to hunt with a rifled slug gun in my famiy and if i show up at camp with that i know my granpa will probably just shake his head, lol
p.s. but for 1500 thats alot of ramen noodles

just taut of somthing that R-25 would make a great high school graduation present what do ya say hanback hook a kid up :>

Hey Ian, in the spirit of the recent posts, I think we should get you a gas card instead. lol.

The R-25 (couldn't they have come up with a better name at Big Green?) would be a great present though.

Remingtong is kicking butt! I'd shoot it, and I am a hard-core trad hunter guy! I am with the other guy, gimmie a .308.

Looking around I decided the best thing to do would be to walk straight back to the track, I would be going through the thick scrub but end up on a familiar track. After slowly sliding over a few fallen logs, I realised this was going to take a long time to get out. Then the most amazing and at the same time shocking discovery occurred. I had almost walked straight into the body of a much larger stag! What was I supposed to do? I had shot two! Now I had two dead stags both in velvet, both in the same gully being shot within seconds of each other. I sat down on the log he was lying over place his mates antlers next to him, tears welled up in my eyes. In total awe and disbelief, I pulled out the camera and took some photographs then marked it on the G.P.S. I knew I was coming back but all this would be too much for me.

I am admitting full responsibility for my actions as a POACHER since ignorance is no excuse. I will leave my status on this website to be decided by the moderators and except any legal action taken by the NSW Game Council. I have personally done them an all their work a great disservice.

Hi, good morning to all of you... Nice Guestbook ;-) !!!n

il be workin for a while to save up for one of these bad boy's, been wanting a 308. for a while, why not buy the crown jewl of em all!! haha i hope it will last a decade or two of hardcore management.

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