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May 27, 2008


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we don't have rifle season, but have harvested lots of deer with the muzzleloader over the last 10 years.......and i have in the past 3 seasons switched to the high shoulder shot after watching "best of the west" TV show and seeing them drop every animal in its tracks. if i know i can hit one there i aim high shoulder...if it is extremely long range (over 200)and the wind is a big factor i aim for lungs as they are a bigger target....... but if I know there won't be a
lot of bullet drift i will keep taking the high shoulder shot (is very impressive on viedo to rewatch with buddies, when a 200 lbs+ animal dropps straight to the ground there is always ooohs and ahhhs :) )
fun stuff.... caliber doesn't matter, just hitt'm right

Being from Indiana, we were forced to use slugs for many years. As I am also a bowhunter, I find myself shooting deer right behind the shoulder (normally). I didn't have many deer run very far when shot with an ounce of lead. It tends to leave a pretty big hole.

Last season (and much to the chagrin of a few people) Indiana approved pcr's (pistol cartridge rifles) for deer hunting. I switched to a .44 magnum rifle and used jacketed soft points. This year I may try the leverevolution ammo from hornady for .44 magnums.

BTW, the chicken littles in the state whined about how pcr's would be unfair to the deer and dangerous to other hunters (due to their extra long range, 100-125 yards). Well, noone died and a whopping 1200 deer were killed with pcr's. So much for the sky falling.



I live in SE pa, where slug gun hunting is all that is leagal. I have always aimed for the front shoulder and usually put um down in their tracks. When I go the the mts of pa i bring my .300 win mag and have shot 2 deer with it so far. Both droped and both were front shoulder shots under 100yds. If you hit them right they usually wont go far from what I have saw.

.30-06 with 165 gr. Remington PSP Core-Lokts. Puts em down every time. Where I rifle hunt (Maine), spot and stalk bear season run concurrent with deer season, so I go with the slightly heavier bullet over the more popular 150 gr., although I've never seen a bear!. I use to hunt with the 180 gr. but figured it was overkill, and the 165 grs pattern better in my gun. I have always gone for the lung/heart shot, aiming just behind the front leg, about 1/3 of the way up the body.

Thats my primary deer gun, but all my other calibers (.30-30, .270, .35 Rem, and .338 Win-mag) always get stuffed with Core-Lokts also. I used to shoot Nosler Partition and Barnes, but found they didn't pattern as well, so I decided not to spend the money when I would rather hit the game where it counts.


remmington 12 gauge Premier Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded Sabot Slug leaves a huge hole and every deer i have shot with it drop in its tracks

Im right there with Flatlander, high shoulder will drop them. If the range is out past 200 yards them i'll put it right in the arm pit area. I shoot a Remington .270 with 150 grain Nosler Partition. I'm goning back to a 130 grain bullet this year, probably Winchester XP3. I also shoot a Browning .300 win mag with 180 grain Winchester XP3. Most deer i've shot with these guns don't go any further than 50 yards (if they run). I love hunting with my .300 but man my .270 is a flat shooter. It seems to hold tighter groups at further ranges.

I use a 7mm Rem. Mag. with Win. Balistic silver tips in 150gr. and 12ga. 3 in. Rem. Buckhammer. I grew up hunting both sides of the shotgun/rifle line in Mich. With lung shots from both guns the deer ran further after being hit with the 12ga. Anything from droping to running 100 yd. with the 7mm. But in the Cropfields we get to watch them drop most every time.

I have used the Winchester Ballistic Silvertips in my Browning .270WSM in the past and haven't really liked them. I had planned on shooting a bunch of different weights and brands of ammo this summer to see what my rifle likes best. Maybe I'll throw a box or two of the Core-lokt soft points though first to see what they do. Might end up saving me a bunch of money.

We use federal premiums in our rifles, best shooting ammo we have found. I use a 30-06, my brother uses 30-06 or 243 and my dad uses 7mm-08. Blackpowder, we use HP powerbelts. Every deer I have killed, with the exception of my first one, has ran less 60 yards, with 4 of the 7 dropping in their tracks. The three that ran were shot either right behind the shoulder or a few inches back in the ribs...the ones that dropped, three in the shoulder, one in the spine.


20 ga Lightfield Rifled Slugs in NY State ..
(my drive gun) or 250 gr Hornadys out of my Savage ML10 Inline smokeless ML ...

Either will drop a mature deer in it's tracks with an arm-pit/shoulder shot.

Savage Model 110 in 30-06 - 165 gr Core-Lokts in NE Pennsylvania (home ground)

Same deal shotwise, but you need to pick a shot that will expend some major energy at yardages under 50 yards, (i.e. shoulder blade) otherwise you have a through and through shot that leaves a little hole in and a little hole out and very little blood to follow ... and the shock does not always put them down immediately. Every shoulder shot I've had with that gun dropped in it's tracks and every lung shot ran aways ...

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