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May 12, 2008


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Here in northcentral Pa we have alot of family owned hunting camps. Occupants of those camps like to spend time at their camps viewing fall foliage and they also enjoy spotlighting for wildlife.I know my own family enjoys a ride around the twsp. on the hay wagon pulled behind my truck spotting deer and bear. They shouldn't be penalized because of the actions of poacher's.
Believe it or not the world is bigger than hunting.

Big Daddy, this is a tough one for me. I am always for a person's right to do whatever is legal on his property, and if spotlighting wildlife is legal that is OK. But in this case I am appealing to the broad middle gorund--no doubt people with huge tracts and farms that shine legitimately are in the monority, and the bad guys who shine/poach get all the bad ink and ruin it for legit hunters. That is why I think my proposal makes sense--people have 6 months to shine wildlife, but shut it down in late summer and hunt season to stop the big problem, seems reasonable to me

Poaching/joy killing goes on all year long.
I'm a hunter too, but I'm also a champion for those citizens whom don't hunt but want to enjoym a family night in rural America. If allowed to curtail legal spot in hopes of stopping poaching during hunting seasons, where do we draw the line??? Do we cease mtn bike riding, stop jogging, put an end to varmit hunting????
No the solution is to police our own ranks and aide your Game depts and local police by being viligant and reporting unusual behavior.

if the game warden position would stop being cut from our states budget and there were more of them out there then it wouldn't be such a problem here in wisconsin

Does spotting mess up deer movement? People drive all over the place where I am from in Michigan (north of Grand Rapids) shining private land that they have no hope of hunting legally. Then they dump their leftovers on our farm land. I agree with you Mike, stop it from Aug. 1st to Jan. 1st.

Hanback, I understand your position against shining.

I do it as a way to check on deer and keep tabs on the rut, etc, plus I just flat out enjoy it. Plus I'm a whitetail nut that just loves to view them and watch their behavior. I've learned a ton by just watching deer do their thing when people aren't bothering them "when the lights are out". Mature bucks here are extremely nocturnal due to the super heavy firearms pressure. These bucks have "evolved" under intense gun pressure during the rut, and they're very spooky, and wise.

I took Hunter's Ed. locally in May of 2005 because I needed it to draw an Iowa tag. One of the COs who was teaching the class told me (when I mentioned something about shining for fun, etc.)that the IDNR wanted residents to view and appreciate wildlife, and went on to tell me that "recreational shining" wasn't condemned by the IDNR.

Two seasons ago I got checked by a CO in the next county over, when I was out shining, and I told him he was more than welcome to search my vehicle after he asked me if I had any weapon on my person. He declined.

He told me that those who are using traditional spotlights weren't the ones they were really concerned about.

Like I said, I understand your stance on shining, even if it is "recreational". If it became illegal here I'd definately abide by the law.

Why complain about "super heavy gun pressure" yet then go out spotlighting and generally harassing the hell out of deer.

And you wonder why mature bucks are even more nocturnal?


Here in WI you can only do it in certain time frames. I must say that I do enjoy taking my wife out and seeing whats out there for numbers and quality of deer. You cannot have any weapons or ammunition in the vehicle so I think this is just another case of one bad apple makes the whole bunch bad. Its just another way to view our beloved whitetails and share it with the family.

Now MN is finally trying to change now if we can just convince hte DNR to do something aobut our gun season we might have more giant Bucks like all the states around us. This is the first step and I thank Bluff Land Whitetails out of SE MN who really pushed this bill along with Marty Stubsted for putting in all of his time to change the law....

Sadly, it needs to be outlawed in Indiana, like it has been in Kentucky. Poachers have just ruined what used to be a fun thing to do. I usually only do it during the rut once or twice when the bucks are out all night to see what is out there.

Better push for some legislation to get this problem rectified in Indiana. Thats has to be the only solution.

Bucky, you're right about Minnesota. Moving the gun season in that state would provide so many more mature bucks for the Minnesota deer hunters. This state used to dominate the entire Midwest until a switch in the firearms structure around 1980 began to reverse that trend. Are you familiar with Bluffland Whitetails Association? This group is making ground slowly in convincing the MN DNR to make some changes.

What a waste of time..nothing is going to stop someone from poaching. quit blaming it on shining. Why don't you take it into your own hands and go out and spend your money and your own time on catching poachers..I for one don't feel that paying a DNR officer $50 an hour to go sit on a gravel road to hopefully catch a poacher a good way to spend my tax dollars.

Blaine, so what do we do, give up and let poachers keep shooting the big deer, right now in fact in many areas because the horns are hard and the deer are stil in summer pattern, out in fields, not too spooky. the CO is gonna get paid whether he's out in the woods or stuck behind a desk

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