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May 02, 2008


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Damn! Thats to bad, what a nice buck. Drop tine,stickers,split brows,about only thing its missing is a third beam! I'm working on a little Hoosier hunting this fall myself!

Why would you want to come to Indiana?

According to many (and some on this blog) Indiana can't produce good bucks in any numbers because our gun season is too long and they all get slaughtered.

In reality, Indiana has always produced good deer. The state finally started issuing enough doe tags to try and balance the herd and lo and behold, more mature bucks! Amazing how that works!

Gee, fair hunting seasons to bow, gun and muzzleloader hunters, a more balanced herd and more mature bucks to boot! I'd say Indiana's DNR is doing a good job!

But, I still think you should all go to Illinois, Iowa or Ohio. ;)

It's just so much better than Indiana.


your welcome here in Wisconsin anytime hanback but remember you gotta earn your buck first those

p.s. big buck harvest map number don't lie boys P&Y bucks are everywhere :>

Reeeaaly! Ian, im on my way my friend! :)

another great thing about wiscosnin are the thousnads and thousnads of acers of national forest and public huting grounds that hold huge numbers of deer and some huge bucks but gettign way back in their to get them is the hard part

The One Buck Rule sure has changed the landscape of Indiana deer hunting...no doubt. But, we still pale in comparison to most of our neighbors. Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Kansas...those states with firearms seasons structured to insure that more bucks survive are still grossly outproducing us. Anyone who has compared the record books of these states versus Indiana knows this. Others claim Indiana has always produced these bucks, but then have no proof to back it up.

I could post some comparisons if anyone is interested???

For starters consider this. Since the inception of the One Buck Rule (2002) 5 out of our Top 10 muzzleloader typicals have been killed. The other 5? They span four different decades.

6 out of the Top-10 all-time shotgun non-typicals have been harvested since 2002.

I could go on and on. But, our overall records still don't quite compare with Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio......etc. etc. etc.

The One Buck Rule has truly helped, but Indiana will never realize it's true potential until the firearms season is re-structured. Until then, the OBR will continue to help things out. Hopefully our DNR will continue to listen to what the Indiana deer hunters want. We want to have a 21st Century deer herd, since we're in the 21st Century. Good hunting everyone!!

I would put Indiana's numbers over the next 5 years again most any state and you will see that killing does in adequate numbers thus balancing the herd will allow Indiana hunters to kill plenty of "trophy bucks".

I think most hoosier hunters are happy with the seasons the way they are. Thankfully you aren't the head of the DNR. Someone who sees the value in fair seasons for all hunters is.

Let's do one small comparison with our neighbor:Illinois. Everyone knows they have a 7 day split gun season in late Nov., early Dec., compared to Indiana's 16 day peak rut season.

Let's do the top-15 all-time non-typicals by bow in Illinois and Indiana.....

Indiana: 1)213 6/8, 2)212 3/8, 3)206 6/8, 4)206 2/8, 5) 203 7/8, 6)202 0/8, 7) 201 2/8, 8)200, 9)199 3/8, 10)196 6/8, 11) 196 5/8, 12) 196 0/8, 13) 195 4/8, 14) 195 1/8, 15) 195 1/8

Illinois: (this information is from the Illinis record book from about 3-4 years ago. I don't have the most recent addition)
1)266 4/8, 2) 254 6/8, 3) 251 6/8, 4)250 4/8, 5) 245 5/8", 6)238 0/8, 7)234 4/8, 8) 234 1/8, 9) 233 6/8, 10)232 4/8, 11) 231 4/8, 12) 230 6/8, 13) 229 0/8, 14) 227 5/8, 15)226 6/8



Everyone knows you've had a bone to pick with the the head of the Indiana dnr for years.

I agree the state had it's head up it's a@@ for years over the number of does being killed. When they changed that the herd started improving. Over the last 7 or 8 years Indiana's herd has continued to improve and will do so without changing anything else. The OBR is just a tool (like earn a buck) to force hunters to kill an adequate number of does. That's what's changed in Indiana. The number of bucks killed has actually risen but so has the number of does. Almost on a 1 to 1 basis.
That's what is making Indiana what it is today and will continue to lead to improvements over time. If the changes aren't adequate why are we seeing so many more trophy class bucks coming out of Indiana now?

BTW, it's always so convenient how you leave Wisconsin and Kentucky out of your little anti-mid November gun hunting tirades. Why? Because it shoots big holes in your argument! Killing adequate does is what runs the show. QDMA, remember?

If you think Indiana is so screwed up why don't your move to Iowa or Illinois?

Maybe they would let you run the DNR since your obviously feel more qualified than the people who run the DNR in Wisconsin, Kentucky or Indiana or any other state that allows November gun hunting.


Mike, the buck reportedly scored over 230". I don't know this for a fact, however.

It's big, but I can't get 230 out of it.

I'm not sure who may have scored it, or even if it has been officially measured by any of our scorers, etc.

Who has a bone to pick with whom? Anyway, Mike Mentions to check roadways to look for bucks killed by cars when shed hunting....don't forget the railways. I hike our railways for miles looking for dead bucks that have been hit by the train. Believe it or not, a lot of them have thier racks intact. The rest you can usually find the broken pieces if it is of considerable size. Most of the deer here get hit by the train during the rut in November. Just thought I would add that. Have a good one gentlemen.

Forgot to tell you...check your local laws before making off with a rack you found killed by a car or train. In some states this is against the law as the animal has to be killed by natural means for someone to take it home legally. I am not preaching or defending this, just wanted to let you all know. I take pictures of them. Good hunting!

I can see 230.

Good points Luke. I can remember rabbit hunting along two railways here in my neck of the woods of Indiana, and have seen an inordinate amount of dead deer along the tracks.

And, also, I do know that in Indiana you now have to have some type of DNR permit to be able to legally take a rack from the woods, regardless....

You won't see in Indiana what you would in Ohio or Illinois. We have 32 days of firearms starting in Mid-November that make most of our mature deer highly nocturnal pressured animals. You would, however, stand a better chance at a younger, possibly P+Y class buck in archery season the first two weeks of November. Very few good outfitters or TV trophy hunters here for the above reasons! Most of the Indiana giants like that one die to something other than a legal hunter.

Also try along railway tracks in about a 200 yard stretch i found 3 dead deer within 5 yards of the track

awesome tip cam, thanks!!

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