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May 09, 2008


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Man! That is one monstrous fish period! I love to bowhunt carp here in MT with my recurve...I don't live to far away from Nelson Reservoir where people look for large carp (for here)...it used to home to the state record around 45# or something. The largest river carp I have gotten is 19+#. We usually get in a canoe for the lake or such. I anyone hasn't tried it, it is a blast. I just use my old Bear manual reel taped to my 'curve. 'Tis the season!

I grew up shooting carp from an old bridge close to my house. Long shots at those big Buffalo Carp from the bridge sure helped with bow shooting accuracy. We also smoked them and ate them. I still prefer smoked carp to ANY other smoked fish. A real delicacy for this ol' country boy.

I add that you should click the link and read Rod's entire story, amazing how Darin wrestled that monster with a bunch of old guys looking on!!

Them Bigheads have really gotten out of control here in the midwest.You cannot go out on most rivers without at least a couple of them jumping in the boat.I've heard of people being injured by them.Some people have gone as far as wrapping their consoles of the boats with chain link fence to protect themselves.The biggest we've ever had jump in the boat was around 20 lbs..I could not imagine the damage a 90+ pounder could cause flying through the air.Scarey!!!

BTW, wonder how old that dude was??

My best friend used to have a lake house. My area of Indiana has plenty of natural lakes. In the spring we used to use the trolling motor to get close to spawning fish and let arrows fly.

My brother, Dr. Dan, nailed his first one and when the line spun off the reel he yells, Fish On!! Ornery son-of-a-gun!

It was a blast. Haven't done it for a few years now, since he moved away. We plugged some pretty heavy females, but never anything as close to the one above.

Nice fish!

Doug...you ATE a carp? Ewwwwwww.

How COULD YOU kill that GRANDPA FISH????

fuck you gay you kill a world wonder
fatt as gay.
i do whit you what you did whit him



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