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May 01, 2008


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I share a facility with 11 other drs. to which I pay an emormous sum of money towards in the form of rent. Three days ago my full body mount of a large black northern Alberta wolf was delivered there via FedEx. After hours I uncrated him and placed the mount on it's mobile base in the commons area amongthe potted trees,plants and fountain...he looks cool there in his position of sitting on haunches head thrown back howling skyward.
One of the receptionists pulled me aside yesterday and asked if I would pleassssse remove the poor stuffed german shepard from the commons as clients seem to be turned off by a dog being mounted. i explained it wasn't a poor shepard but rather a full grown wolf that I had killed with an arrow. To which this attractive "20something" replied.." Oh my how could you've done that,killing such an endangered animal is against the law." I asked why she thought it was endangered..her reply "she hadn't seen onein Pittsburg (Pa) in a few years"...this young lady also has a PETA sticker on her Hyundai's rear window...Need I say more?????

Yes, they will wait until a toddler's arm is being chewed off. And then they'll blame the toddler and the toddler's parents for the attack.

Now, Mike, I'm sure that friendly little "kitty cat" was sufficiently frightened by those "humane" deterrant pellets so that it moved AT LEAST two blocks away from there and has since promised not to harm any other little furry creatures. LOL !!!

Here's an idea... Maybe Big Daddy's receptionist could use a new house cat?
(Shaking my head in dismay)

Geeze that would be some home...one pussy would tear your throat out while the other tears out your heart!

The Boulder cops have to be the biggest joke in the world.

First the couldn't find the person(s) who killed 5 year old Jon Benet Ramsey and now they can't even take care of a cougar!

Maybe someone should let the cougar into the police station and feed it!


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