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May 07, 2008


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Getting the shakes is what keeps me hunting!

It's not so bad for me that I can't draw my bow, but my heart rate definetly rises when I see a deer (buck or doe).

When that quits, I quit!


Get a whisker biscuit, so you dont lose your arrow. Practice from an elivated position with a lifelike target, then when he steps into range, invision him as the target you shot 1000 time's in the pre-season. Oh yeah, and BREATH!

My biggest thing, when bowhunting, is once I know for sure it is a buck that I'm going to try and shoot, I quit looking at its rack immediately and start picking out a spot on his body for a shot...Gun hunting, I get excitied but not as bad as bowhunting and same thing, look at his body, not his rack..

pick a hair. not a spot but a single odd hair in the vitals my dad taught me that and you concertrte so hard on the single hair you foget about the huge rack or the nice steaks out of that doe soon to be on the grill!

some years back there was an ad campaign that handed out stickers reading "STOP THINK PICK A SPOT" somehow I wound up with a roll of them and placed one on my upper limb so that when I draw I cannot help but notice it.
Excitement is an invlountary nervous reaction...but one that is capable of being controled...in other words,perfectly normal for everyone....without a surge of excitment the hunting/shooting games would quickly become mundane.

Got my first gobbler this past Sat. morning and I shook worse the entire time I was waiting fora shot than I had on any deer hunt. My uncle was with me and he was shaking just as abd and we realized that neither one of us does anything else that provides that type of adrenaline rush in such a short amount of time. Hunting is the only thing that does for us and if it ever stops, we stop too.


I am with you, once I decide to shoot a buck, I never look at its rack again. I then just try to control my breathing until I can get on the deer.
There is definitely something about looking at big racks that just sends me (and a lot of others) over the edge...

i have had the problem on deer and on 3d range (Target panic) the thrill of releasing an arrow and making it hit the mark can cause some serious flaws in technique. One thing to do is practice so much your muscles can just about do it on their own without our foolish mind getting too involved. the other is a list of thiings i go through and count out siletntly to myself to help focus and not think about what he will score or what wall to hang him on. it goes like this

1. make sure release is hooked up and ready
2. draw bow
3. find 1st anchor point (thumb/ear)
4. find 2nd anchor point (kisser button)
5. find 3rd anchor point (nose/string)
6. finger along release
7. line up peep and sight ring
8. find correct pin and repeat yardage in my mind
9. find where i want arrow to exit animal
10. keep the bow up because i have already released the arrow without thinking about punching the trigger or doing something else dumb.....and then the arrow will already be right where you want it :)

it works for me........ but boy oh boy when things go wrong i use to miss deer at 20 yards by 3 ft..... glad those days are "mostly gone"

I usually don't get the shakes too bad when deer come into view, but after the shot or if I let them pass, I shake uncontrollably. However, I shake worse after a shot with a bow than I do after a shot with a rifle. I am new to deer hunting, so the shakes were kinda unexpected the first time it happened, but I enjoy that feeling.

Worst time for me is when hes comin and theres a good chill in the air. If I get the shakes the cold wont let me stop shakin till I can get focused and pull myself back together again! Ill take that RUSH everytime though. It would'nt be huntin without it. Period!

Well when a deer or bear walks in for some reason i dont get the shakes i just get this weakness like and my leg starts going up and down on the toe ya its hard to stop but as soon as the shot is out. My leg doesnt stop shaking till i try getting down yep 17 and am starting to bow hunt bears by myself

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