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May 28, 2008


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That's just nasty!


Wow! I was thinking some moose got busy with a deer. Very strange. Mike, keep us posted on this one.

look at that poor buck glad they got him must have hurt pretty bad

Thats cool! At my local sport shop they have one that looks just like this. Its mounted on the wall, except the rack is bigger. The deer was taken a couple of years back here in Michigan i believe.

I know what it is, it's that Deer Cocaine! Apparently people from Dixie all the way to Deleware should lay off using that stuff.

Seriously though, that is pretty wild looking right there.

"Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat...."

I have seen many a bucks have a swollen face like that at camp. Maybe not in this particular case, but I can tell you that mounting a buck that has been hung upside down off a meat pole resembles this picture very closly.

I have had to cape many bucks that were hung up to dry and have resulted in many more hours of taxidermy work then would of normally been necassary!!! It effects some and not others but could easily be avoided by using a drag buddy to hang your buck or doe up instead.

Just my .02 and experciences with the "swollen face". Dave

I even sent the picture to a taxidery friend-

"I have had a few of these and mine were caused by hunters hanging their deer up and putting bags of ice in the chest cavities. When the ice melts it goes straight to the head. When you cape it out it will be like caping it under water,water will just puddle. Mine had very cold water running out of it.
As far as tanning & mounting, it can cause you slippage on the face. As soon as I see the client bring this in , I explain to him right then of the possible problem."

dude that is so not real jk were did u shoot it at

that is a Big Asssssssssssssss nose



AND ASK YOUR HEAD NOT TO BE frOzeN, because that ruins the samples.

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