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May 05, 2008


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I know in this end of Virginia, where dog hunting is verboten, tracking a deer with a dog will get you a ticket. Even though it makes good sense to use a dog if it constitutes deer hunting with a dog, and a conservation cop gets wind of it, you are in trouble.

Yes, I should add that the state laws that pertain to tracking dogs are convoluted and all over the place; all that is covered over on that United Tracking Dog website. This is not something that most hunters will ever get to experience, but it is interesting and no doubt helps to recover some deer that would be lost.

i also have heard that they raise labs to shed hunt it is amazimg what dogs can do!!!

My buddy's lab helped him find his bowshot deer the next morning after a rain...unfortunately it wasn't very cool and the coyotes had already found it. Still, he took her with no training to the spot he shot it and she led him right to it. In Missouri as long as you're not hunting it's legal to use a dog to find your deer.

Thanks Levi, good stuff. Mostly I've heard of Labs in the South too

In south central L.A. (lower Arkansas) we use them often, mainley beagles. They do not allow you to run or track deer with a long legged hound........but here's something interesting, my wife's family has 2 or 3 German shepard's that not only track, but will catch your wounded deer. Let that simmer on your taste bud's till you catch a chuckle.

I hunted in Illinois 06 bow season and had the pleasure of John Engelken in our camp with us. He has had many articles in hunting magazines with his blood tracking dogs. He has help lots of hunters in that area and surrounding states find there trophies. All the hunters pitched in a small amount to cover if someone needed to use him, wich was a lot cheaper than if you had to pay full price to have him find you deer.

One of the hunters in the camp shot a monster and the dogs were needed to help recover it. The buck was found and it ended up green scoring 190" gross typical!! If the dogs weren't there that big boy might have never been found.

Don't know anyone who uses dogs to track wounded deer but if you guys haven't checked out the picture check out that killer left brow tine!!

Check out www.deersearch.org for more on tracking dogs!

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