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May 27, 2008


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Heck of buffalo, BD! Is it just me or does that spread seem really wide? Granted, my experience judging Cape Buffalo comes from the TV, but it seems more wide than most.

BD awesome buff. sonuds like you have been on some real adventures.......
maybe we could see some more of those trophies....... like to see some of those 140"+ whitetails and hear the stories.......
not to mention the wolf

congrats on all your accomplishments

Pleasant surprise to log on and see a picture of myself.
Yes I have truly been blessed in my life an hunting is only a small part of it.
Doug: the bull by today's standards for truly wild animals is indeed a good one. The average bull killed in the Selous today is right arounf 37-38", he measured 42+" and had a soild boss. I've killed some others but he is my widest and has good tips.
Flatlander: Maybe when Mike gets that link up and running later this summer I'll find the time to post some big buck pictures. If you're ever in Pittsburg, Pa stop by my office. BD

I thought it looked much wider than usual. Seems like most of the trophies on TV have heavy bosses and aren't real wide.

From the sound of it, we'd all like to see your office BD.

I'd also love to see some more of your adventures (and some of those big bucks). The new forum is going to be great and would be a perfect place for us to post up stuff like that.

That is an awesome beast, it looks a bit prehistoric. It has been a dream of mine to shoot one of those monsters one day. Do you think you could have done that hunt with a bow ?? I love the archery stuff. Just wondering.

there have been a few CB bulls shot with a bow I think, but not for me, i'll stick with deer. think a mechanical head would work on that thing, LOL

I think I saw Tom Miranda shoot an Australian Cape Buffalo with a bow once on a show. If I remember correctly, he shot it at a very close range. I'm with Hanback on this one. I'd stick to a rifle for those big buffs.

if you look on youtube their is a video of an elephant shot with a bow
p.s. better to it from a trrsstnad silverback with a buffalo i'd hate to have that thing charge at me on a death run

As a matter of fact I tried to shoot one with a bow in 2004. I threw in the towel on day 12 of a 14 day buff & leopard hunt and killed a good bull with my .458WM.I've never gotten that leopard though I've made 3 trips with them on my list.
Mechanicals are not allowed for DG hunting but I do believe they would work fine for leopard and lion as their skin and bone structure isn't extremely heavy. The hippo I killed(.458wm)had a hide 1.5" thick that the skinners had to butcher with machetes and axes, the buff had 3/4 thick hide and over lapping ribs.
I'm hesitant to post a list of animals I've killed in Africa and N. America as someone is always quick to scream BS or make a comment such as " money can buy anything..." . If Hanback wants to post another I can send him a picture of a nice male lion I killed in Tanzania.

Congrats on the buff. I just want to see 43 whitetails over 145, now thats cool!

BD, I say go ahead and put up all your hunts if you want. People that would give you grief about going on that many fantastic hunts would get blasted back here, I think. Yeah, money gets you opportunities that most of us will never have but that doesn't mean you didn't earn it with hard work.

Personally, I'd love to see all your pics and hear about all your adventures.

Africa is my dream...

i am truly jealous...but not in the oh i hate you kind of way...haha

First of all, congrats on ALL your trophies. Let all the negative things people say go in one ear and out the other.

I do have a couple questions for you. When you bowhunted the Cape Buff, what kind of bow did you bring? My Dad and I are trying to book a Cape hunt for 2010 and I was wondering who made a bow with a 90lb. or 100 lb. draw weight. Also, why did you give up on the bow? Was it because it was day 12 and you didn't want to go home empty handed? If so, I totally understand. I've had to do it on a few hunts myself. Thanks in advance! Congrats again on the trophies!


I used a 85# stick bow. I went to my rifle a. the terrain was to open as the season had been extremely dry and most all the grass was gone. b. I did not want to sit at a waterhole but rather chose to spot & stalk. c. the only buffs we were seeing were in a burned off area 1 mile x 1 mile surrounded by water and the only high grass in the area that they were bedding in. I was hunting 3 duggas that stayed together for 10 of those 12 days. On day 13 we didn't see any of them and early the next morning I killed the largest with a rifle...you should note I was sitting every evening for leopard and could only hunt buffs in the mornings before they returned to the high grass to bed

Thanks for the info BD. Now you'll just have to go back and get one with a bow! Just an excuse to make another trip! Take care.


Very cool BD!! :) I would like to hear more stories and pictures also! You only live once and although money cant make you happy it can help you have experiences that will make you happy. Money alone has no value- its how you use it.

Hanback- you going to have short clips to the video clips of the bucks in your photo gallery? At least make it so when we click on your photos we can get the full story of those awesome bucks!!

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