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May 28, 2008


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Congrats Rocco!!!! That's OL' BOSS HOSS! Great lookin deer, split brow, 2 drops, oh and what mass! Love the character!

That is the kind of monster I want...Saw one a couple seasons back, single drop on right, drop beam on left about that big. Don't think he was as heavy but my once in alifetime buck...was waiting for him to step out of a thicket and I didn't know it but when he stepped out of the thicket, the only place for him to go was into a dry creekbed and under a fence and accross a field out of my line of sight....


I met my good friend, Ray Kibbe, back in 2005. Ray lives in Western New York. I'm going to be hunting with him eventually. My brother and I went turkey hunting there back in 2006 and it is some beautiful country there.

That is one beautiful buck. The last time I bowhunted in New York was back in 2005 before we moved back to Canada, we saw quite a few big deer then too. Maybe NY is shaping up to be the next trophy deer state.


What agreat buck! Congrats Rocco! That big boy has the "look" (even dead) that he's king of the woods. I love that. Love the mass and the drops and the mass. Yeah, I know I said it twice but, I really like that mass.

There are a lot of big deer roaming around the northeast. In the suburbs 30-60 miles away from new York City, there are lots of deer with very little hunting pressure and plenty of well manacured landscaping for them to munch on. Then you go 5 hrs north and you're in the big woods of Northern NY, VT, NH and ME where 300lb giants live and die maybe seeing a logger or 2 their whole life. I think in this day and age with most state wildlife agencies managing the herds fairly well, trophies can show up anywhere.

four letter sum up that buck S.T.U.D.

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