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April 17, 2008


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Glad to hear there are still people who stand up to foolishness. Also happy to hear there are places still proud of our hunting heritage. Here in Connecticut, thats hard to come by. Don't get me wrong, there are still tons of oppurtunity to hunt here in the state. Lots of state land, liberal bag limits, etc., but a "bragging board" at a school would never happen here.

Oh well, its good to see PETA put in there place every now and then....its should happen more often!


Good ending to the story. I figured it was headed the other way while I was reading it. Good for that community.

There is an article written about this in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. It also contains a link to the PETA letter as well as the principals (who is not a hunter) response. He crafted a well written and intelligent response to an off-base and uninformed request.

Good for this community! It constantly amazes me how PETA shoves its nose in places where it doesn't belong. If the members of the community had a problem with the wall, that's one thing. An organization that is not part of the community and has probably never seen the wall had no reason to get involved.

Well, I am proud of my home state today. It's nice to see the principal take a positive, informed stance on hunting even though he's not a hunter. Kudos to him and the community of Poplar. I'll be sending a letter thanking him. Of course, this got absolutely no play here in the People's Republic of Madison. Not surprised. Good story, Mike.

It is nice to see a school and community stand up to an outside group and tell them to mind their own business.

It's their school, their town and their state.


Well, we don't have a bragging wall here in my kids' school but the school library has a dozen or so mounted animals (all harvested legally,locally and donated) that are used to as tools to educate our youngsters about wildlife (as well as respect for it) and conservation.

Good for the folks in Wisconsin. I'd like to see PETA try that trick here in PA ...
They would have trouble staying on the rail as they were rode out of town.

Worst part of it is that it was a member of the community that sent the letter informing PETA of the wall. It nice to see a principal supporting his staff and the heritage of the community he serves.

You da man Russ!!!!!!

Good for them. those f******s from PETA need to go back to their homes and find some more trees to hug and go to hell.

Very cool! Thanks Mike!

All local hunting and fishing communities should follow the principal's lead and example. That way PETA would not stand a
chance promoting their beliefs on our heritage and traditions. Load them up and
blast them off to outer space on a broken space shuttle!

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