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April 29, 2008


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1-900-Get-DOE'S (with an apostrophe...to boot)

I'm guessin' it's a joke of some sort. I'll there was more beer in the van than deer. LOL!!

1-900-Get-DOE'S (nice apostrophe use...LOL!!)

"Doe's For Sale"!! Sweet grammar use.

I'm guessin' there was more beer for sale in that van than deer??!!

Knuckleaheads!! It's got to be a joke!

Wooops, I didn't think the first one went through....sorry guys!

I missed that, the 900 number, makes it even more clever, lol!

Wonder how many times a C.O. has pulled that one over? lol Thanks for sending that Ian!!


Has anyone called the 900 number?

I give it an A++++, whenever you can take a humor oriented swipe at our elected officials wonderful policy making, I think it's great. (not that it is a bad policy, I just like giving it back to them, god knows they give it us).

"Please check your number and try again"

I had to call just for laughs :)

dude this is me and my familys van. and it is a joke and my dad was the one to put the apostrophie there and i told him nt to but he said it looks better. we repainted it and now there is a skull on the sides and this picture was taken BEFORE the bumper got broken which was today. and we never got caught by the cops, they dont care. and we can fit at least 13-14 ppl in there if we squeze!!!

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