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April 25, 2008


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OUCH! That had ta hurt. I was hunting in Montana a few years back and the ranch hands had to bring one of the beef cows in. His faced looked almost as bad as the dog. You would think after the first couple of quills in the face that one would stop, guess not!

Porkies are common around my area you learn to live with them. They'll eat ANYTHING an nothing left in the woods be it an axe handle, tire, plastic bucket, etc is immune to their carnage.
Not long after med school I was enjoying a rare Sunday morning of sleeping past 5:00 AM when a frantic beating commence on my front door. A father with a 9 year old boy in tow were the cause. His son had woke early and was watching cartoons when thier dog drug one thru the "doggie door" into the living room while returning from his morning bathroom break. the son tried to beat the porkie out of his dog's mouth with a sofa cushion. Both he and Fido has quills from head to toe! I did what I could for him then piled he and dad into my VW bus for the ER.
That kid now near 35 learned a hard lesson that day....

Pittbulls are like guns, with the rong person behind them they can be deadly. I have raised many, we use them for catching hog's. Never had one turn on me or bite anybody, if they hit another dog, more than once, we'd put em down. The brothers raise them for all the rong reasons and have given them a bad name.

That must be one bald porcupine.

I agree with you Mike. Why have a dog around that can't be controlled if they choose to attack someone.

I know many pit bull owners who praise the breed and say it's the owners who make the dogs mean. That may be true, but I don't want a dog around me that can rip me to shreds. I've heard/read countless news accounts of pit/pit mixes biting owners/neighbors/kids and the story always ends with, "he's never been aggressive before".

I've sprayed more than one dog in the face with mace and it's amazing how quickly it changes their attitudes.


to each his own.........

I'm with you Mike and Jim. I don't have any use for those animals. Got a friend who has a half Pitt, half boxer. She rescued it from one of Mike Vick's dog fighting venues. He's a lover not a fighter but still I'd never own one or trust one.

I have personally seen two sharpeis look nearly as bad. They did kill the porcupine though, Cost my uncle 700 in vet bills that night though. quills where all down the throat and inside the mouth as well as outside. I have a doberman that stuck its nose down to a baby porcupine, got three quills in the nose when she was a pup. They are tough on dogs.

Pit bulls aren't bad, the media has just made them out to be like that. It's just like gun owners, you only hear about the bad ones who shoot someone else, you don't ever hear about the guy who checks his gun to see if it's loaded every time, well you don't hear about the pit bull who walks up to you and sits down nicely when you come in the door. You don't even hear, on the news, when a dog that isn't a pit bull bites someone. German Shepards used to be considered mean and nasty now we trust them.

pit shmitt......

It's not about nice or not nice. It's about a dog that (if it chooses to) can kill you. You can't stop them, you can't pull them off of you and they can kill you.

It's why I carry mace and have in the past (and will in the future) light a dog's world up with it.

Just about anything these days can kill you. I'm not gonna live in fear, you can. I'll keep raising them and hunting with them.

It's not about fear. It's about educating yourself.

You can keep playing with fire but eventually it will burn you (or someone else, or a kid).

They're not to be trusted and I wouldn't mind the breed being wiped out. Make it illegal to own the damn things. Just this month a lady was walking her puppy and two pitts appeared and attacked her an tore the puppy in two. Owned by a pro football player here in Houston. Every pitt we see in the woods is a dead pitt, whether they're running hogs or not.

What were they bred for? Most dogs have a history behind the breed???

Sorry ive been out of state turkey hunting, and have not been able to respond to your comments. J-street, I'm not playing with fire, Im raising American pit bull teriors, to catch hogs. I keep my dog's verry well maintained so they can't "burn" anybody. I raise dog's just like my dad and his dad did. Like I said, I've never had one turn on me or bite anybody. Rodger, keep dreaming, the breed is not gonna get wiped out and the day they become illegal to own will be the same day they try to take mine and your gun's away. Were not gonna let that happen are we?........I'f you swing through my neck of the wood's and see my sweet dog's out there, I would'nt recomend shooting them. Just so were clear, I don't fight my dog's and will turn anyone who does over to the police. What Mike Vick and some other pro ball player's do with their dog's is not for protection or hunting. Im against that.

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