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April 14, 2008


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"Noise camo!" I love it, Luke. We have a very active rail line that runs through our property as well. I've taken advantage of the noise to cover shifting weight, coughing while on stand. I'll have to take some notes on when they run (I know it's pretty regular) and try this out. I definitely know they run in the middle of the night. It usually takes me a night or two to not hear them.

Great advice, Mike.

our local airport expanded and the planes now bank for landing right over my favorite ridge........this and the sounds of chewing acorns allowed me to arrow my first "nice" rack buck back in 03'........ i wonder
what advantages the indians had???? maybe the sound of a buffalo stampede???

great tip.........use all the advantages you can, cause the deer get a little smarter ever year they are hunted!!

I use county road traffic noise to cover my tracks when traveling to one of my stands. Hear a car coming...take five or six steps...then stop. Works great!

You guys are definitely on to something but that's way too "hi-tech" for me... What about the good ol' wind? I use the flutters of the breeze through the autumn leaves to stand up, shift position, or draw ? When I'm on stand, I try to only move around when the breeze blows. Since I hunt primarily on a ridge, where the air moves most all the time it's served me well for a 1/2 dozen or so "keepers"...

Actually, My Dad termed the phrase "noise camo"...and it does work, doesn't it boys?! I helped a bowhunter sneak within 15 steps of a 140+ buck in his bed last season. It was a great experience to watch that fella do that...he had never even seen a buck over 115 before and arrowed this one in his bed...we had wet grass and stalked in our socks too. I tell all my guys to get our of thier stand during the first train after shooting light dissipates and usually have them wait at the bottom of the stand in the morning until a train gives them good noise cover. Really helps on those quiet mornings, the kind we like to hunt. Good 'ol BNSF.

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