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April 21, 2008


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normally it is those whom are ignorant to the true facts of the crossbow whom howl the loudest against it.
I am able to make 60 yd shots with my Hoyt Trykon with such regularity that it borders on boredom. How can anyone claim that such a compound is inferior to the crossbow?
Fear of herd decimation with added numbers of proficent hunters in the woods is yet another sign of ignorance to the crossbow. "IF" traditional archer users were harvesting enough deer the mere thought of opening up to crossbows wouldn't exist.

Shouldn't it be called a cross-gun? It has a stock, and a trigger, and you don't need your own muscles to cock it.(you use a tool)

I'm for it for disabled people, or to use it in gun season.

Not sure if it should be used in "bow" season.

The same argument being made against crossbows today was the same argument that was made against compound bows 30+ years ago.

Compounds didn't ruin bowhunting and neither will crossbows.


call it whatever you like...it's history precedes the verticle bow...could be the crossbow is the only true form of archery equipment, all verticle means of casting a shaft are really just a variant of the original crossbow.

Like Big Daddy said, crossbows do not offer any advantage over modern bows. In fact, from the people I personally know that use them, crossbows seem inferior in distance and about even in accuracy to modern compund bows. I say pass the legislation. I like Mike's argument that crossbows can keep the older archery hunter in the woods for a few extra years. That's is almost always how I see them used.

I'm not a fan of the crossbow, but I'm fairly young, and don't need a permit to use a crossbow during "archery" season here in Indiana. Don't get me wrong, I'm not adamatly opposed to crossbows, but I love drawing a bow and releasing the arrow at a deer.

My main beef is that crossbows shouldn't be considered archery.

If it helps recruit hunters, and provides opportunities to help thin herds in certain areas, I don't see where it would hurt things much.

Until I might have to, I'll continue to use a vertical bow for my non-firearms hunting.

When Mike posts on the Xbow, someone usually gets their feelings hurt here. I hunt with one in VA, it is extremely accurate, shoots good for me to about 50 yards, but i have not taken a deer with it that far out and won't. I have dropped 2 in their tracks with it at 35/40 yards. Hell, in our season, there is still so much foliage on the trees, who has 50 plus yard shots anywhere? I say use if the state allows it, maybe a few less cars will get totalled from deer wrecks.

Dean Quote:
My main beef is that crossbows shouldn't be considered archery.

If it isn't archery, what is it?


This same argument was used against PCR's (pistol cartridge rifles) in Indiana.

Oh, how the whole world was gonna end in Indiana. The rifles were gonna cause the bucks to be slayed, they offered too much of an advantage to hunters, and on and on and on.

Last season there were 1200 total deer killed with a pcr (not just bucks, but bucks AND does). 1% of the harvest. The chicken littles were proven wrong, again.

Crossbows would be the same way.


how bout a sepearate season for crossbows but when it would be held would be a good question i really don't have a problem with them its all in who uses them there are always idiots who shoot at way further ranges than they should

Sure thing seperate season...how does the first 2 weeks of November sound to you?

To each their own....I say. There are plenty of deer to go around. Its not a competition to me. I could care less what the next person chooses to hunt with as long as it's legal.

there are idiots who push compunds to the extreme?

I think crossbows are good for the elderly,dis-abled, and maybe even up to age 14 for an ethical kill. Other then those I feel the vertical bow and arrow are the true meaning of archery. Thats just my opinion. I know compund bows are alot more advanced now then 10 years ago but it is still the same concept. Trying to fool all of the whitetails senses to get him in 30 yds draw your bow back settle the pin and let God direct your arrow home. It dont get any better than that for me!

My first archery buck was with a cross-bow, I was 13. Since then I have used the vertical in all of my archery kills. In my opinion the crossbow is a legit piece of archery eqip, and should be included in archery season in every state.

I've never used a crossbow and don't know anyone personally who does. When they first became legal here in VA I didn't like it because I thought it would be too easy to kill something, taking a little bit of the challenge out of it, but through numerous blogs on here about it and several magazine articles,web research, I don't really have a problem with them now. I think they're great for elderly people, young children who want to hunt more than gun season but can't pull a bow or hold steady enough to shoot a bow accurately, people with shoulder injuries, and women who can't pull a bow back effectively. Like I said, I think they're great for those types of hunters but I say if your everyday, grown man with plenty of strength and accuracy with a bow wants to use a crossbow, let him. It's his money, its his time, and its legal. WHat's the problem? Jake said that pulling back on one and settling the pin in at 30 yds or whatever is what its all about, I couldn't agree more. However, haven't you felt the same adrenaline rush when putting the crosshairs of a rifle or iron sights on one's shoulder and squeezing off the shot? It all brings about an adrenaline rush and if someone wants to do it a little differently(legally), why try to stop them?

Crossbows don't bother me much anymore but I have a new pet peeve. The extended range turkey shells. Not sure who makes them or how far you can really shoot with them but I've seen them used on TV and don't like them at all. TO me, the challenge in hunting spring gobbler is all about calling them in to 20, 30, 40 yds. I've been doing it now for about 5, maybe 6 years, and haven't killed one but so far have 3 close calls this season. All but one of them was over 40 yds out, but thats part of the challenge. You have to bring em in and those extended range shells change that completely..sorry about that just wanted to throw it in there and sorry this is such a long post


Never done it and don't agree with it, but they let you shoot turkey's with rifle's here in Texas.

It seems to me the argument against crossbows is more about protecting the archery season just for vertical bow hunters at the expense of other people who may want to hunt with crossbows. There are enough deer to go around. We are all hunters first, and should not be looking down our noses at how other people hunt.

Crossbows are for lazy unskilled louts. ANYONE is permitted to pick up a bow and hunt with it during archery season they choose not to, while sitting on their couch pining for an illegal weapon to make it easy for them.

ITs a lazy mans crutch, and a poacher dream tool.

Here in the Northeast (I live in NYC) hunting opportunities are dissappearing due to suburban sprawl. You can even go camping within about 100 miles. So with little or no opportunities for rifle hunting what's left for anyone who just isn't good at drawing a bow over 30lbs? You can't hunt with that here. The liberals are laughing up their sleeves and would rather dance in the blood of your road kill - that's the situation here. I would love to hunt with a crossbow if I could; it would open up areas nearby where deer management is really an issue. We could use them during the gun season where you can't use a gun anyway. It's not going to ruin bow hunting.

Typo last post: I meant to say you CAN'T even go camping within 100 miles...

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