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April 24, 2008


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saw it here in Michigan last week, go figure! (the picture, not the real cat)!

My relatives in SE Nebraska have seen cougars all over there the last couple years. The Game & Parks won't admit to releasing them, but something is going on as another acquantance in S. Central NE shot one and buried it, the authorities came looking for it days later and tracked it to the spot it was buried, everyone assumes from a chip in it.

I don't know where that cat came from...no one may ever know for certain... but he is one huge cougar!

I received that pic a couple of weeks ago in my inbox, claiming it was in Giles Co. VA.
Amazing how that crap can spread isn't it?

But, you know, I really think that people want to believe that there are still painters and catamounts in the mountains here. But there hasn't been a confirmed carcass in over a hundred-fifty years.

DGIF records many different sightings in SWVA by well meaning but otherwise uninformed individuals. They almost always turn out to be big yellow housecats, bobcats, or yellow labs.

Like bigfoot, people just really want to believe they are there.

you guys hear about that couger killed in Chicago it was spotted near madison traveled into milwaukee county and was seen across the street from my house!!! wandered down into illiniois and was killed by the police what aj ouney for that cat wonder how many deer get eaten by those things a year

Ian, funny u should ask, I just read where some wildlife officials say a cougar can eat 1 deer a week, talk about your deer-killing machine!

I shot one in front of hounds in Idaho 10 yrs ago... I know what a cougar looks like...have a full body mount of him in my den....
I mention that 'cause 2 years ago I saw a cougar in Potter co Pa. It was sitting on a road at 8:30 AM and I drove within 25 yds of it....I also saw one in Sullivan county Pa 20 yrs ago as it loped across a dirt road in my headlights and across a cut corn field in my spotlight for another 150 yds.
The PGC dismisses them as captive/re;eased cats...I don't know but I do know what i've seen!

If snopes.com is correct, it was indeed hit by a truck in Arizona: http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/mountainlion2007.asp

"Sadly, it was hit and killed by a car". Mike, do you mean it's sad for the cat, or sad for the car? Look at the size of that beast!!!! I'll bet that kitty could eat 1.5 deer a week!! Geeeesh!!

My friends, Sam and Judi Collora, of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa have had reports of cougars in their area for several years now. In fact, reports from all over the midwest (both upper and lower) have been coming in about giant cat sightings for a few years now. It truly wouldn't surprise me to see them in any state any longer. Although, it makes sense that they may be coming from the west to the east.

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!!!!

Male Cats usually travel the farthest away from their home ranges after 1 year of age. Since these predators live 8 to 12 years its only a mater of time before they spread out. We all know the Midwest is full of "food" for them to live on. The only surprise here is not more trail camera, regular camera or videos of actual sightings.

My dad and I both got an e-mail saying it was hit by a car in Wise, Va. Don't necessarily believe it but I know there used to be cats here, my dad used to see them once in a while when he wwas growing up, and still hear of someone every so often who has seen one.


Also have heard that there is a full grown male african lion on the loose somewhere in West Va. THat was about a month ago and haven't heard anymore about it. That wouldn't definitely scare the crap out of me in the woods


lions, cougers, EHD oh my!!!

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