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April 18, 2008


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Another Drop-Tanker!
The facial markings look similar to that of
a muley. Keep us posted.

eric, yes, it struck me to that the freak had a muley face, we are on same page...

Same question here! Muley?

Gosh to take a bug like that and just cjop off the head and throw it in a bucket. You guys are right the face appears to have Muley Characteristics!

Everytime I see a pic like this, with no info, I think the worst. Poacher??? Any die hard true hunter would have real pics, and a real story. But there are folks, usually old timers, that would just want the meat. Will we ever know?? Man, what a hoss stud buck.

Mike, you should check DMV to see if DRPTINE is available for your tags!!!!!!

To clear up all the talk now that things have settled down this is a pure columbian blacktail deer shot out of napa california. Naturally the jealousy from other hunters caused us to keep this under wraps. My closest hunting buddy who shot this deer didn't care about records, trophies or congrats from other people he was just happy to have it. The photo was leaked by the store who developed the film and from there the stories and rumors started flying. When all is said and done all the BS talk from other people caused a huge investigation from fish and game. The buck was shot toally legally and no convictions or fines of any kind were made. When the case was over fish and game said that anything taken as evidence can be kept by them and they chose to keep the deer. My friends lawyer then came back with another stipulation that ofter a case was over for so long that they would have to destroy the evidence and fish and games response was "we will do what we see fit and dont have to provide that evidence to you" we have recently heard rumors that the buck has shown up at trade shows here and there and is no doubt over double the size of any other columbian blacktail that has ever existed especially considering that pope and young for these little buggers is only 90" and he was well over 300". What you dont see is the antler that grew like a vine down the back of his neck. We are legal hunters and used to have respect for fish and game til they stole this buck illegally from the rightful owner.

Please contact me if you have any whereabouts of this buck so that we can fight to return it to its rightful owner.
Please do not contact me with any other questions as you can imagine that we have been inandated with BS from people around the country matt_pet@comcast.net

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