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April 25, 2008


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Awsome buck Eric! That third beam is sweet. Nice shot, what did he score?

Cool deer, great shot, how far was the shot Eric?

another dandy Il. buck ...........have seen 3-4 drop tine bucks in 14 years and only 1 with double main beam and it was a little 1 1/2 year old buck

nice shot how far was he, what date did you get him? let's hear the story

beutiful shot placemnt how far was the shot and yeah what did that bad boy score? lovin the third beam

I shot the buck at 40 yards. (which is my max) It scored 174 4/8. The extra beam had it's own brow tine too, but probably 3 or 4 inches was snapped off.

Thanks for the comments. I was wondering how many people have seen or shot a buck like this?

Now I gotta concentrate on getting one of those drop tines!

Don't think I have ever seen a double beam buck, seen two different drop tine bucks thuogh. One was on the side of the road, 4, maybe 5 drops, two of which were at least a foot long(less than 2 miles from my house which is inside city limits) and the other a monster I saw during muzzleloader season. About a 6 inch drop on the right, drop beam on the left. Always thought it would be neat to get a drop tine but Hanback's obsession has become my own lol

Great buck Eric!! More than likely a once ina lifetime thing, so congrats!!!

Hanback, how about a picture of the double-beam you killed??


My friend, Adam O'Connor, shot one similar here in my home county that went 187" and change. The year before, the buck sported a very symmetrical 6x5 frame. A velvet damage caused the third "beam" to shoot off near the base...similar to yours.

Third beams generally are caused by an early velvet damage. The antler's "code" is then carried out into the third beam. I notice how the two beams on the right side are strikingly similar. And, I also notice how the normal tines appear somewhat stunted in length compared to the right side. This is fairly normal of early velvet near the base of the one side.

Great buck nonetheless! Congrats and great shootin' Tex!!

Should have read..."This is fairly normal of early velvet damage near the base of the one side"

Also, Adam's buck scored just over 190" as a 6X5 with several stickers. If the typical frame would've grown "normally" it probably would've went Book...but, oh well it "only" scored 187" and change.

Man, I screwed that last one up too. It's rack (both sheds were found in February of the year he killed it) from the previous year would've score just over 190".

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