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April 11, 2008


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I like the idea of that bullet for my .270 WSM but I don't really like a bullet that light (130gr) for whitetails. I prefer a 140gr or heavier bullet. I shot a 130gr. Winchester round out of that rifle when I first got it and really didn't like the results. I can't remember which bullet it had but the results have stayed with me. I agree about there being no overkill on whitetails (especially the big ones up here in Wisconsin). I used to use my .300 Win Mag. to great results and no damaged meat.

I forgot to ask, what did he measure, Mike? Hell of a nice moose. I've never made it to Alaska yet. A goat hunt there is my dream hunt. Maybe throw a little fly fishing for salmon and rainbows in for good measure!

Doug, if you like the 140-gr. try the Federal Premium with the TB Bear Claw 140 grain, fantastic deer bullet, one of my favorites ever. That bull was 60" with great palms and front "bez", I was very fortunate to have shot such a specimen.

Thanks Mike. I'll give that one a look this year. Excellent bull. Love the palms.

Mike, nice bull man! I cant agree with you more, there is no such thing as overkill on deer. I use a .270 and a .300 Win Mag for deer, i've had people tell me that my .270 is overkill!? I look at them like there crazy. Like i've always said "if some is good and more is better than to much is just enough"

Nice looking Moose there Mikey! How long ago did you get him?


That's a lot of Bull right there!!!

I've et elk, whitetail, mule deer, goat, lamb, koon, and every varmit the south houses, and probably a little dog at some resturants, what does moose taste like?

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