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April 30, 2008


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Thanks Mike, was wondering what cams you have had good luck with? I have been using the newer Stealth cams. I have noticed that the IR emitters will light up red but i dont see a visible red flash. I've had some pics where the deer have notice the red emitters but don't spook from it.
Using a wht flash cam to me is like the article you posted about jumping deer trails. (nice air!) Once you have spooked a nice buck, you wont want to do the same thing again.
Nice article Good Stuff!

Scott been using Cuddeback No Flash with some good results

have not used these myself, but Reconyx and Predator seem to be a couple of brands that are likely at the top with regards to quality cams (besides cuddeback). i'm sure they are top dollar as well. but if i had the money, that's what i would buy.

Camera flash does not spook wildlife, Film advance and camera activation (low hummm) does though. I believe this 10000000 %.

Ive been useing the cuddyback no flash for quite some time and they definately see the flash! I have numerous videos of them coming down a trail late at night and they all see the flash and in most cases they will not continue past, they will go way around or totally back out. I started putting the camera so it only catches them as they pass by. But if you put it at the edge of a field and they walk up on it they definately see it. Hogs on the other hand dont mind the flash at all.

I know thats a bold statement from me but I use the term "spook". I believe wildlife notice the flash but am not convienced that this flash actually "spooks" deer. I have taken a camera and put in 90 degrees to a camera set up or slighly opposing. I then have but the "main" digital camera on sigle flash and the 2nd camera on multi flash. Then have gotten multiple pics of deer keeping on their routine after a slight pause at best. I have set my wildlife eye in the same situation. In these tests I always made sure the 2nd camera was at an agle that would not be as "in your face" as the main camera for opservation. I have seen deer not spook on 35mm film advance cameras until the film advanced. I know only use these cameras neer creek crossings where they are easy to find by others that may steal them and also where the creek will cover the sound. Just my $ .02

Cuddeback No Flash here as well. I just got a new upgraded 2008 model, to replace my 2006 model.

My friend in Kansas reports that some bucks are spooked by regular flash, some not. Just as others have already said. He also reports that some bucks have adjusted their routes to go just far enough away from certain cameras to avoid the flash going off. Think deer are "dumb"?

I've gotten videos of deer that absolutely noticed the infrared lights on my Cudde, and others that might notice some noise, but don't spook from it. It seems every deer/situation is different.

Some folks think trail cams offer an unfair advantage in harvesting certain animals, but I don't care how great your camera/camera set up is, it's no guarantee that you'll ever even see that same buck again in a hunting situation. I hunt areas in Indiana where deer are ultra wary...so they're on edge anyways.

I love the cams though. It's just so much fun.

I have the white flash cameras since I just can't afford to have enough of the no flash or ir cams around if I went to them. Maybe I can start replacing them one at a time soon. We'll see. I always try to position my cams so that they aren't flashing directly in the deer's face. On trails, I try as much as possible to shoot the pictures from behind the deer. Doesn't always work but I get it right alot. I have also heard that putting your white flash cameras above the deer shooting down on them spooks them less as it is similar to lightning. Something to think about.

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