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April 07, 2008


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Congrats to the hunter on a very unique buck!

I agree with you Mike, I've never seen a piebald with this kind of mass.


That's an awesome rack on any buck, much less a pie bald! I can see why JR passed him up. Very tough to tell he's pie bald. Even looks like his nose is pinkish. I would'va passed him as well. I would've been thinking that the brown spot on his head could've been from rubbing.

Very cool. Have to full body a buck like that.

I agree Doug, definitely a full body mount

never seen a piebald but plenty of albinos that we cant shoot here in wisconsin def. the biggest piebald i've ever seen shot

Beautiful buck. I agree with Doug about the brown spot. Go to northamericanwhitetail.com and on the home page they have a link for videos. Find the "View All link" and under "amazing deer videos" scroll down to the WISCONSIN ALBINO BUCK video. Watch it. They have some velvet footage and the deer is completely white. Each fall however the skull cap is brown. I know they lose their summer coats and grow a winter coat but that wouldn't change the color of the skull cap would it? I definitely think it comes from rubbing...


...they also have glands on their foreheads for depositing scent , too, so that combined with rubbing helps with the resulting dark foreheads on albino bucks.

I believe that piebald is really an albino. The brown on it's head is from glands, not the fur itself. The nose is pink, I can't tell if the eyes are too.

Coby- Man your right on the money!! I had to watch all those videos, they are awesome and that Piebald on there is unreal!

Thanks for the post Mike, Cool buck there but if you get a chance you should check out the video on North American Whitetail.

That is one beautifull whitetail. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

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