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April 10, 2008


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I thought you "East of the Blue Ridge" guys all hunted with Buckshot?? I guess those days have passed huh?

I've used it with success and I have a friend who uses it (00 or 000) almost exclusively. When used correctly, ie within a specific range, properly choked and patterned shotgun, there is NOTHING more completely devastating.

Having said that, its range is somewhat limited, a poor pattern or long shot can leave you scratching your head at the end of a skimpy blood trail. The pellets tend to loose energy quickly and substantially at distances more than 50 yards.

So, it's good stuff up close! But it ain't a rifle bullet. They are for different purposes.
Ask an Alaskan guide what he wants with him in a bear tracking situation, a 12ga and 00 buck. Up close there's nothing with the punch and forgiveness of being slightly off target.

If I just read the WDNR regulations correctly, it's illegal to hunt deer in Wisconsin with buckshot. Anything over BB is prohibited from June til December. Kinda hard to read though, so I might be wrong.

Don't think I'd use it on deer even if it were legal. Slugs through a properly sighted in shotgun are just fine for me.

Now, if we're talking self defense, I really like a shotgun loaded buckshot/slug/buckshot/slug. All buckshot if you know you'll only be working short distances.

BTW, Hanback, where did you get that illustration? Shouldn't it be a great big buck with a double spoon drop? lol.

It made me think back to a buddy of mine from Minnesota who moved here for work. He used to rag on me all the time over our deer crossing signs here in Wisconsin being little 4-pointers. Minnesota signs show much bigger bucks.

TD, still all rifles where I hunt, though with all the building/houses I'm surprised it hasn't gone to slug and/or buck shot, i'm betting it will in time. you are correct, more down in central/southeastern VA a lot of buckshoters, esp. the guys who still use dogs. but I've never had to use it so i haven't!

Doug, yes, big double drop would be better!

My only first hand knowledge of buckshot is the damage it causes to human tissue! If what I have repaired....err, attempted to repair is any indication it is devistating at close range.

Buckshot sucks for hunting deer. It's range is way to limited so why even bother,if you have a slug that will do the job at 20 yards out to 100 plus. The only thing i will use buckshot for is self defense, i belive it would do a hell of a job for that.

In some places, Tidewater of VA for example, Shotguns with buckshot are the only firearms that have been allowed for deer hunting for years.
the ammo's limited range is the only reason it is allowed.
Buckshot can be very good if its limitations are recognized. Like bowhunting, just be prepared to accept your limits, no 80 yard neck shots...

Granted there are better choices if those choices are legal, but even here in the mountains where rifles are the norm, we have stands that we call shotgun stands. Thick underbrush or mountain laurel, short ranges and moving deer.

Again, it has its intended purposes, it'll never reach out like a rifle, but a rifle doesn't throw a dozen .30 cal projectiles at once either...

TD, i agree with you on that, if its limitations are recognised it can do well. I just have seen or herd of alot of guys that don't recognise this and never recover deer that they have shot. Shooting buckshot at to far of range in areas where a slug would be a way better choice. All in all it comes down to the hunter making the right decision. There are lots of idiots that don't recognise there limitations with a bow just as well.

My first deer I took with a double barrel 16 gauge, courtesy of #1 buck. My Dad would'nt let us hunt with a rifle till we were 16. All the deer I took between the ages of 11 and 16 were either with bow or buckshot. I have taken many deer with buckshot, and when I was younger I bugered up a few. With everything in this sport, you have to make the right decision. When I hunt thickets or run dogs, I use a shotgun and 00 or #1 buckshot, everything within 50 yards is meat on the table!!!!!!!!

ive hunted with 00 buckshot and it drops a deer flat out and after 10 seconds or so died. killed faster than my slug shot deer that we had to cut its throat to kill it and it was heart shot

Ten gauge, pattern master buckshot choke, triple oh all the way out to 80 yards! Really locks them down.

12 gauge sabots are the way to go big holes short recovery, long range accuracy, stacking deer up like cord wood:>

12 gauge sabots are the way to go big holes short recovery, long range accuracy, stacking deer up like cord wood here in Wisco:>
p.s. hey Doug did you go to the deer and turkey expo last weekend in Madison?

Nope. I was planning on going but decided I had too much to do at home. I do plan on going to the new Gander when it opens by Deforest later this month. Did you go to the classic?

no but i should have i worked 2nd shift that weekend and could have gone in the morning on saturday but forgot and slept in oh well always next year

I've got success with both buckshot and slugs buckshot is great at ranges 50yrds of less with 12-10 gauges

I've found 000 buckshot to be extremely effective at knocking down deer. The key though is, that just because it went down doesn't mean it's dead; plan on shooting at least twice.

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