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April 23, 2008


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Excellent info, Mike. What do you use for your moon phase info?

I'm "O.O.O." (out of office) Oct 25 - Nov 15 and I.A.TS. (in a treestand)... I had my secretary write that on the board yesterday when the PGC confirmed their season dates for '08-'09 !!!!!!!

I also plan on being 2 hrs north of Saskatoon,Sask. the week of Thanksgiving, praying for cold weather and snow!!

I haven't used moon phase much for hunting strategy, but i think it can definently help a person out to target a good time to be in the woods if they dont have a lot of time off to spend in the woods. I usually am only working about 3 days a week in Oct. & Nov. so i spend alot of time out in the woods hunting hard. I dont spend much time with moon phase cuz i'll be out there in a tree anyway. Good info to know, thanks Mike

i always like a dark moon, but the pro's picks (deer and deer hunting among others) have definetley been off for central IL the last 2 years. i always like Halloween and the Nov.12,13,14........ have taken some nice ones on Nov. 6 but not in the past few years........in fact hunted 9 days straight the last 2 years from nov 5-13 and never even had a chance at a doe (not many sightings) but Halloween has been good to me every year for last 7-8, not always a shot but every year a sighting of a shooter (125+)

I've read the Drury's book (I believe Mike edited it for them) and found their moon phase theories interesting. Deer and Deer hunting always has a show and an article about it every year as well. Again, very interesting.

My theory is this. If it's late October (and beyond) it's best to get your behind in the deer woods and start hunting as much as possible!

To bastardize Scent-Lok's slogan, "Forget the moon, Just hunt!".


Funny Jim, my wife would say I "forget everything and hunt".

I forget about everything and hunt when I can too Doug lol. I try to put family and friends first, then church, then schoolwork but for about 4 months out of the year, hunting tops the list. I can't get enough of it and hope I never will :) Noone I hunt with pays much attention to the moon phases. I know it will change the deer's patterns but like a bunch of guys on here, if it is at all possible for me to get my scrawny little butt out of bed and up a tree, by God I'm doing it...


Good stuff Mike!

Thanks for the info Mike. We were deciding either the week of the 6th or the third week of NOV. We made our minds up! Thanks to the Drury Brothers too.....Great Videos!!!

Joe, you bet, send me some pictures of your bucks and stories to post, think positive :)
good luck

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